Top 5 Reasons Why My 9th Grade English Teacher Rocks

Hope is a 15-year-old high school student from Stratford, NJ. She loves reading, writing, socializing with friends and her favorite subject is English because she wants to be a writer/editor.

I don’t think we students give teachers enough credit. Teachers are a great resource whether we realize it or not. Having a great teacher can change a student’s outlook on life and help a student do better in class. I’ve been lucky enough to have had some great teachers who have helped me stay serious about my performance in school. I love going to school because my teachers are great and make their classes enjoyable.


While I have had quite a few great teachers, there is only one that I can identify as the greatest teacher that I have ever had. My ninth grade English teacher Mr. M stands above the rest. It’s because of him that I want to pursue an English degree in college. All of the homework that he gave to my class helped me realize that writing is what I love and what I am good at. Here are the top 5 reasons why Mr. M is the greatest teacher that I’ve ever had:


  1. He always knew what he taught. For some reason, many teachers that I’ve had before found it difficult to answer homework questions that they, themselves, had given to me. Even as a high school sophomore, I still encounter this. Obviously, no one knows everything, but, if you give work, you should at least know enough about it to help students that don’t understand something and need help. I’ve never had this problem with Mr. M.
  2. He made you want to sit in the front of the class. All of my friends who had his class with me agreed that the best place to sit in his class was in front. Mr. M’s voice can be pretty quiet at times. Sitting in the front of his class ensured that you didn’t miss any class material and that you didn’t miss his funny stories. Some of my other friends, who sat in the back or off to the sides of his class, didn’t get as much out of his class as I did.
  3. He tried to make his students feel intelligent. Every time he put an SAT prep question on the board, he encouraged everyone to answer it by telling us that we knew the answer. I like the fact that he encouraged everyone and gave everyone a chance. I am sure that most teachers want their students to succeed, but it would be nice to hear them say that once in a while. I think it’s a real confidence booster, but maybe that’s just me.
  4. He had a great sense of humor. This is a very big plus for me. I like the fact that, when I had his class, he always had something funny to say that was, for the most part, relevant to whatever topic he was covering. Having a good sense of humor and relating jokes to a topic really does keep a student’s attention.
  5. He was easy to talk to. This is incredibly important. When I was younger, I never asked teachers for help. People thought that this was because I thought I knew everything, but this was really because a few of my previous teachers seemed or were unapproachable. I could usually ask or talk to Mr. M about anything when I had his class, and I still feel that I can ask or talk to him about almost anything now.

Finding that great teacher who makes learning fun for you and teaches well is very important. I strongly believe that any student will succeed in life if they can find that one teacher who motivates him or her to do better.


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