Why Teens Should Get a Tattoo at the Right Time

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Around the world, we as teens would get a tattoo at our age. My opinion on this is that we as teens should get a tattoo at the right time, when we’ve carefully considered what tattoo we want and where. The reasons for my opinion are:


1. Our teen brains haven’t yet completely developed in making wise, mature decisions

2. We sometimes find ourselves wanting to get a tattoo just because it’s perceived as something “cool”

3. We might later regret having a tattoo in the near future when we’re older and more mature

4. Tattoos could affect our eligibility of getting a stable job if placed on exposable parts of our bodies

5. Tattoos at our young age may cause others to judge us negatively

6. It’s a decision we all should carefully consider due to the fact it’s permanent

7. We sometimes find ourselves influenced to do something (in this case getting a tattoo) just because everyone else is doing it

8. At times, we don’t thoroughly think through our decisions

9. We at times do things before thinking and later regret the choice we made without thinking


Other teens might have a different opinion other than mine, but I strongly believe we as teens should always be cautious on getting something that will be permanently embroidered on our bodies and face no matter what. Some of us just permanently embroider our bodies a certain way just because everyone else is doing it and fail to realize the affect it could impose on our lives.


Next time you consider getting a tattoo, remember, don’t get a tattoo just because everyone else is doing it; get a tattoo because you want it.




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  1. Familyigloo
    March 27, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    I agree, . Tattoos at a young age may cause others to judge you negatively! Thanks for sharing!

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