Letter To My Younger Self

Lina is a 17-year-old from Franklinville, NJ. She enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and her favorite subject is TV/Video production because it’s fun to have a perspective of what it’s like inside the film business.


Dear 10-year-old Lina,

People will try and give you all sorts of advice, but that advice is critical to them and may not apply to you; still heed it the same. The next few years of your life will be difficult and there will be many bumps along the way, but the most important thing to remember is that  there’s nothing on your plate that you can handle. Remember to keep your head up. The next few years of your life are guaraunteed to be mind blowing so here are some things that I hope you keep in mind:

1) The people who may be your friends now, may not always be your friends. People grow up and people will change, it’s a fact of life, but don’t let this fact hurt you. Cherish the memories you make with these friends, never speak bad of them, and let them know that you will always be there for them regardless of your differences.

2) Work hard. Putting forth hard work matters in all the things you do in life. The best time to start applying a good work ethic is in school. Middle school and high school will be tough, but don’t let anything that’s difficult deter you from doing your best. Always do your best, never less, and it is guaraunteed to pay off.

3) Tell your family that you love them every single day (yes even your brother and sister). You can never let someone know that you love them too often, because those words are precious and they mean the world. You may not always have friends in your life, but you will always have family. Don’t take them for granted and treat them with love and respect.

4) Words will hurt, but handle them like a lady. Don’t speak bad of anyone, don’t start drama, and if you need to find an adult to talk to that can help you through a hard time. It may not always be as easy as it sounds, but it will pay off in the future. Handling an already tough situation in a bad way will only make things worse, but if you act like the bigger person in a raw situation, you will walk out with your pride, respect, and dignity.

5) Boys. They ultimately do want to get in your pants. Even the boy you always thought was your best friend will hit that age where he starts to see you as a real girl and not just one of the guys. Laugh it off, don’t lead them on, and still value their opinions. Just don’t do anything until you are absolutely ready, because boys will respect you more for it even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.

7) Don’t ever give up on anything. Put your all into everything whether it be music, sports, or writing. If you love it, hold onto it forever. All your hobbies make you who you are and they are a great thing to have in your life.

8) Stay physically fit. Being health is a part of being a good young adult. Work out and eat healthy, because yeah sure you are young now, but you won’t always be young and it will eventually catch up with you.

9) Lastly, treat everybody with respect. One day it will pay off and you will only be better for it. Even if this person gets on your last nerves or drives you crazy, treat them as you would want to be treated.

Love forever,

Your 17-year-old self


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