Teens Becoming Youtube Stars

Jennifer is a 18-year old from Long Island, NY. She enjoys playing squash and the violin. Her favorite subject is English because she loves to write and read.

We are all aware of huge pop stars such as Justin Bieber who achieved stardom by the power of Youtube. Now, it seems that more and more teens are following in Justin’s example. Recently, a music video called “Friday” by Rebecca Black caught Youtube viewers attention. Here is the address of the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0


This video got so much attention that about 14 million people watched it. But are people really watching it because they think she is a good singer or because it is a source of entertainment that they can laugh and make fun of? In the video Rebecca is a teen girl talking about going to school, contemplating about which seat she will take in her friends car, and about getting excited for the weekend. Needless to say, this video and singing is not genius work. With the popularity of this music video reveals that the Youtube account which created the video called Ark Music also has music videos for several other teen aspiring pop stars.


Although some might like this music, most people I know have watched it because it is a ‘hilarious video.’ Is putting your child on Youtube worth it? The comments that could be both positive and negative can be helpful and encouraging but can also be painful if they are negative. So, if your child is posting on Youtube videos of themselves be aware! Youtube sensations are the current way of achieving fame for many aspiring stars and you never know who is going to be the new Youtube star.


Also, if you or your child posts a video remember that you are putting yourself out in cyberspace. Realize that Youtube does have privacy setting which can limit you can see your videos so take advantage of them! Even if you choose not to put privacy settings on because you think no one will watch your video, remember that classmates could find out about your video, pass it on and then many people will no about it. So, don’t abuse the power of Youtube; use the power of the internet positively and be aware about the critics that could follow from your post.



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