4/1/11: Articles for Parents this Week

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Top Articles:

Mom-hacking: Stop Stealing the Spotlight
One-upping each other can be hurtful, how increasing our levels of empathy can help.

News Flash: Facebook is deleting accounts of 20,000 underage and teen users per day!
The Facebook crackdown on teens.

Articles from Guests:

3 Reasons To Not Take Away Music As Punishment
Music therapist Kat argues against taking away music as a form of discipline.

Articles from Teens:

Lost Years
This is a special post, a poem about the teenage experience.

Why Teens Should Get a Tattoo at the Right Time
9 reasons to think long and hard before putting something permanent on your body.

Top 5 Reasons Why My 9th Grade English Teacher Rocks
How an English teacher helped a teen find his passion and build his confidence.


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