Bieber Fever

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The latest teen sensation is Justin Beiber. The 16 year old Canadidan pop- R& B singer was first found from his videos on YouTube and with the help of his manager and singer Usher, he became the music world’s latest obsession. Justin has a loyal following of millions of girls from ages to 6 to 16 plus a handful of older women. With millions of followers on Twitter and Facebook, his followers are even sometimes called his personal “wolf pack.” The UK newspaper The Observer said that Bieber is more influencial in the social networking world than Obama and or The Dalai Lama.

His music is not the only reason that makes girls swoon. His hair, clothes and demeanor all contribute to his image. The obsession with Justin has even been termed ‘Bieber Fever’ by his ‘beliebers’ (one who is an obsessive fan of Bieber). With just about every product (even a line of nail polish) created by Bieber such as a book, movie, Superbowl commercials, performing at the Grammy’s, being in TV shows and being a guest on almost every TV Talk show, it seems that Justin Bieber is everywhere you look.

Some parents worry about their child’s case of “bieber fever.” His fans are so loyal and obsessed with him that they do crazy things to ‘protect’ their love. For example, fans wrote death threats on stars, such as Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian’s, twitter accounts after pictures of these stars with Justin sparked rumors of possible relationships. Also, after Justin didn’t win the best new artist award at the Grammy’s his fans filled the winner’s wall with hateful words such as “Justin Bieber should have won, no one knows who you are.”

So has the Beiber Fever obsession gone too far? Now it is not just teens but also older women have become obsessed with the 16 year old. There is even a website called Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Beiber where people post pictures of women that emulate his signature hair cut, by far one of the most important aspects of his appeal.

There is always a teen sensation and Justin Beiber is the current one. Whether or not he will be in the spotlight forever, that is unknown. However, Bieber is taking over now and it is evident that many females all over the world are suffering from a serious case of Bieber fever.



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  1. Pat Antonelli
    April 9, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    I’m glad to see how down to earth you are and realize he is just a teen idol. My concern is for the girls who are obsessed over him in an unhealthy manner.

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