“You Say Yes, and I Say No!”

Matt is a 16-year-old from New York City, NY. He loves to be social and spend time with his friends, as well as being an active leader in his community. However, school also plays an important role in his life and he is motivated to achieve his dreams.

Even if you’re like me, and did not grow up with The Beatles blasting 24/7 on the radio, I’m pretty sure you know the song “Hello Goodbye.” If not, then here is a link to the cute Target commercial that features the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPah6p04ZDQ. A trending theme between adults and teens can be easily described by just singing that Beatles song. “You say yes, I say no,” THAT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! How many times have your mom or dad asked you to take out the trash and you never do…..exactly.


Just recently, I’ve noticed that I say “no” or “nah” to my parents a lot more than I thought I did. so, I wanted to get the parental perspective on this matter as well. I spoke to my dad a fews days ago about how he feels when I flat out deny his requests of me. He responded, “I get used to it, it’s probably the only constant thing about you…..you never do what we ask of you.” Of course, this is when I came in t defend myself. My dad continued by saying that he “ALWAYS” did what his father and mother asked of him. This got me thinking, is it a generational thing that teens these days do not listen to their parents, or has this been going on for a while. After looking up some scientific analyses, I’ve come to the conclusion that this happens more often now than when my parents were kids…..a LONG time ago. This is because, in the late 20th century to present day, parents are losing their identities as parents, and are now becoming “friends.” Apparently, in the 50s, parents were parents. In 2011, parents can be described more as a friend. If my friend asks me to clean my room, I’m not going to do it.


Another reason as to why teens do not listen to their parents can be paralleled to a revolution. Until the age of around thirteen, kids are under a “dictatorship”–their parents. However, a voice inside starts to develop and soon a “revolution” occurs–the revolution of “no.” Many teens are revolutionaries, not teens with behavioral issues!


I agree with both of these ideas, because they both relate to my life and me. My dad is a “stay-at-home-dad” and therefore he has basically become my best friend. I see him everyday when I come from school, he’s the first person I say “good morning” to in the morning, the last person I say “good night” to at night. I, truthfully, see him more as a friend than a dad. Therefore, I say “no” to him a lot. On the other hand, my mom is a lawyer and therefore very argumentative. I love that about her, but as a kid, I was always afraid to “voice-up.” However, now sixteen, I’m not afraid at all to say “no” to her and start an argument over the trash or the dishes.


Now parents, there are obviously some positive and negatives to this truth. The negative, we do not listen to you all the time. However, I believe that the positive outweighs the negative in this situation. Because we see you more as friends, we are more comfortable than ever to tell you what is ACTUALLY going on in our lives. We are fine with telling you who we are dating, what’s the latest drama, and so on. All of the questions that Amy Poehler’s character asks in “Mean Girls” will now be answered. “What is everybody up to? What’s the cool jams?” The choice is all yours whether you rather be seen as a friend who has teens that don’t listen all the time or a parent who has teen that listen but hide everything. Trust me, the happy medium is VERY hard to find.


However, teens, after talking to my dad, I realize that we should in fact listen to our parents…..even when they ask us to do tedious chores like cleaning our rooms and washing the dishes. They are trying to teach us discipline and learn how to respect our elders and people in charge. Remember, at home, our parents ARE in charge (until we turn eighteen…..)


All in all, you say yes, and I usually say no, but I’ll say yes today too.






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  1. Mariah Fredregill
    April 23, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    My dad is kinda uptight about a lot of things where as my mom is loose and says yes to a lot of things. My mom never lets us forget where we or she stands but we feel as if we can talk to her. My dad…..not so much.

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