My Teacher, My Role Model

Hannah is a 15-year old from New Jersey. She loves to compete with color guard and marching band, and play piano. She hopes to become a writer one day, and to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Upon entering high school my freshman year, I remember it being an unfamiliar and new place. With new peers, a new building, and new teachers, I was sure I would feel lost and without guidance. However, that year, I also met a teacher who I’m sure will stay my role model long after high school.

This teacher was not a typical teacher. He did not teach English or Math classes. He was, in fact, the director of the concert band. I had already known him through my experiences in the school’s marching band. However, that year, I quickly learned that although it was a fun class, my band director would be the teacher who pushed me and my peers the hardest. When I could barely hold a steady beat, he would explain the rhythms that I should to play, and then expect me to work on them until it was right. He did not accept failure due to lack of effort, and set high expectations for his students. Even now, I watch as he conducts lessons for small groups of musicians based on their abilities, and it never ceases to amaze me how much time he puts in for us.

Outside of school, in activities such as the marching band, he continues to push us to strive for the top. In the summer and fall, he spends long hours out on the field with us pushing us to be the Championship winning marching band that we are. He plans trips, competitions, and other band events. With my band director’s help and dedication to his students, hundreds of students have formed memories that will last long past high school.

Although many teachers can be considered good, it takes a teacher who is truly dedicated to his or her students to be considered great. My band director displays the traits of a successful teacher in everything he does. He puts in countless hours of his time to help the students, he pushes us to succeed, he instructs smaller groups on how to improve outside of class, and he always has a high expectation set. But most of all, he is a role model. He is a role model to every student who thought that no teacher would go out of their way to make high school special. He is a role model to current and future teachers to work in the best interest of their students. And, of course he is the first role model who taught me not to give up, and that even when I feel like I am trying my hardest, I can always put in one additional degree of effort.



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