Virtual Worlds We Live In

Okunyi is a 17-year-old from Seattle, WA. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing soccer. Her favorite subject is chemistry because she wants to be a pharmacist.


The internet has become a wonderful resource because it has many things that people look for. With virtual worlds, kids and teens are able to enter many places. There are lots of differentvirtual worlds out there waiting to be discovered. Children enjoy playing games online or seeing pictures of their favorite cartoons. So they tend to frequent sites that have bright colors and familiar settings.


Virtual worlds have things that appeal to different age groups. Kids like the concept that they can continue learning or seeing something from T.V. or school. A great site for kids that like educational games It has fun games for them to play with learning opportunities that prepare them for school. As a child I always liked visiting this site because I enjoyed playing with the familiar faces of characters from my favorite shows. Other fun sites for kids   are where you create a character, and they live in a would and work with only kids. Also, sites like Whyville, Club Penguin and Toon Town from Disney. These virtual worlds let people explore new places and make friends from around the world, while they are in a safe environment. There are countless amounts of games to play and chat with people.


Kids also enjoy sites like, Build-a-Bearville, and Pixie Hollow from Disney. These words let you dress the characters and Pixie Hollow is a fun interactive site where you create your own fairy, you pick where you live, and talk to neighboring friends. But as fun as these sites may be, there comes a time is a person’s life when they make the transition between virtual worlds. This time may come when a child is on the verge of exiting their pre-teen years. Some great teen virtual worlds are Habbo Hotel, Gaia, and Neopets. These worlds seem to capture the minds of teens because of the older environment they possess but with the familiar settings of creating a avatar that you get to see grow with what you choose to give it. There are many virtual worlds to choose from and new ones to discover. There seems to be a need for virtual worlds to give people a chance to take a break from real life and enter a world that they create.



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