4/8/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles:

Internalized Fat-Phobia: Is Your Mind Fatter Than Your Body?
How you know if you have this hurtful mental state that debilitates self-esteem and can possibly lead to eating disorders.

What Happens in the Brain When Teens Are Bullied?
Four different effects bullying has on the teenage brain.

The Rise of Narcissism: Are We Terrified of Being Ordinary?
Six ways being “ordinary” is truly extraordinary.

Articles from Guests:

The ABC’s of Educational Testing [School Counselor’s Corner with Dr. A]
What to know about Educational Testing and if your child needs it.

Articles from Teens:

Bieber Fever
Is he just the teen sensation of the moment, or is his fame here to last?

Camps To Make Summer More Exciting
Writing Camps, Dance Camps and Actor Camps are a few ways to make your summer more interesting.

Dealing with Divorce
Tips to make life with divorced parents and newly mixed families a little bit easier.

The Name Game
One teen’s quest to self-identity through the various pronunciations of her own name.

The Pressure of Picking Your Career
Though a little stressful, there are many benefits to knowing your career path long before you’re out in the “real world”.

Kicking Your Insecurity
Two important reminders in letting go of your insecurities and empowering yourself to accomplish anything you want.

Formspring: A Hurtful Trend
How this teen trend can be dangerous to our teens.

Teens Becoming Youtube Stars
A friendly reminder that putting yourself out in cyberspace leaves you susceptible to public ridicule and that the power in the Internet is learning how to use it positively.

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