The Power Of Book Blogging

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I received another book in the mail today. I received it because I am a book blogger.


Book blog is a form of blog that is gaining popularity in the internet. Book blogs usually contain book reviews and sometimes author interviews, author guest blog posts and book giveaways.


Book blogging is gaining popularity because authors are realizing the importance and value of online book reviews and promotion. Gone are the days when book lovers would browse in bookstores for books. Nowadays, many people buy books from the internet and they mainly rely on book reviews that can be found in the net. Not only that, promotion via the internet is accessible by anyone and can be viewed by everyone.


Most book bloggers write book reviews on books sent to them by authors, publicity companies or publishers. There is a common misconception that book blogging is all about free books. It isn’t. It is difficult for a blogger to maintain a book blog by solely relying on free books.


Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with teens. Book blogging has everything to do with teens. Yes, I am encouraging teens to book blog.


If you are thinking it will be a waste of time, think again. Firstly, all book reviews you do have a huge potential in swaying readers’ decision to buy a particular book or not. That means your book reviews have an impact on the book sales.


Secondly, book bloggers are an important asset to authors as their reviews help give feedback to authors regarding their books. Book bloggers are usually not associated with book review columns such as those found in magazines or newspapers. They are from the grass-root level. At such, authors are able to have an idea of how consumers are responding to their books.


Thirdly, book blogging gives teens a voice. Authors listen to you and you they value your opinions and input on their books.


Fourthly, there are many books in the teen genre. Publishers are churning out hundreds of these books every year. An adult reviewing a teen book might not have the same perspective as a teen reviewing a teen book from a teen viewpoint.


Starting a book blog and maintaining it is not easy at first as it is time consuming, but it is worthwhile in the long run. Just think about the influence you hold. You can either influence readers to read good books or to read bad books.


But here’s a note of caution: don’t jump into book blogging just because I encourage you to go for it or because you are looking for free books. It will be a passing fad for you. Enter the world of book blogging with the purpose and goal of wanting readers to read good books. Once you are resolute in book blogging because of that purpose, dive in and enjoy book blogging!


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