As a Teen, How Will I Be as a Parent

Kaelyn is a 15 year old girl going on 16 who is from Corona, CA. She enjoys playing soccer, socializing with friends, and writing for her high school newspaper, The Husky Express. Her favorite subjects are Language Arts and Journalism because she wants to be a journalist when she grows up.

As a teen, I really haven’t thought about what type of parent I will become. If I told myself that I would be just like my mom, I’d be joking and laughing. At times when my parents would yell at me because I did something that they didn’t agree with, I’d say to myself that if my child were to be in my situation, I wouldn’t treat them as harsh as my parents did to me. To my kids, I would want them to think of me as the “cool” parent,  like let them do things that my parents never let me do, but still be strict at times where I would tell them that I disagree with a situation or just monitor what they’re doing to make sure that they’re not getting into any trouble.


Looking back at the situations I have been in with my parents, I am pleased that they didn’t let me do certain things that I wanted to do because if they had let me, I could have turned into someone that I didn’t want to be or do something I would really regret in the future. Despite the positions I’ve been in, I have to admit that my parents, were sometimes a little too strict on me. Sometimes I wanted to do things, like go to parties where there was alcohol and no parents, because I was curious and had that urge to have a little freedom and do things I normally wouldn’t do. I was afraid to ask my parents because I knew what they were going to say, even though the answer would make me feel like they didn’t trust me. Even if they had let me go, I knew better not to drink alcohol or do any drugs because I was taught to understand what drugs and alcohol can do to you. Although my parents would say no, I knew that they were just trying to protect me.


Not to imagine that I would be the complete strict parent. I would practice the methods to be an authoritative parent, the best type of parenting, according to psychologists. According to,, authoritative parenting is characterized by parents’ high expectations of yielding to their directions and rules, open dialogue about these rules and the child’s behavior. I believe with this type of parenting, parents will develop a close and nurturing relationship with their children while also maintaining a high level of expectations and rules.


Though I cannot be precise on exactly what type of parent I want to be, I just know that I want my kids to understand that I will always be there by their side and guide them to who they want to be. To make sure that my kids will be pleased and healthy and not scared to jump out of their comfort zone, regardless of the crisis. I want my kids to learn from their mistakes and take chances depending on the lessons they have learned from me. But most importantly, I want to make my kids proud, to make them feel brave and confident in calling me Mom, and to assist them in becoming the best person they can be.



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