29 Things I Will do As a Future Parent

Ashley is a 16 year old from Torrance, CA with unique curly hair. She loves writing poetry, trying new experiences, eating spicy food, socializing, listening to music, and giving advice.

When I get older, I know I’m going to have children. The only thing I am unsure of is if I’ll adopt or have children of my own at the right time. Although I am unsure of which choice I’ll choose, there’s one thing I am sure of, which is what type of parent I’ll be. I know for a fact I will be a good parent, just like my Mom, who isn’t strict.


As a future parent, I will:


  1. Be fun, loving, and cool.
  2. Joke around with my kids.
  3. Not be stingy.
  4. Love my kids unconditionally.
  5. Give my kids attention and affection.
  6. Support my kids in every way.
  7. Teach my kids what’s right and wrong.
  8. Not be strict.
  9. Not expect my kids to be straight A students. ( I think parents should just appreciate the effort their kids put in school and shouldn’t expect their kids to highly excel in subjects because it’ll only make matters worst. )
  10. Not get angry at my kids when they get a bad grade here and there.

( Sometimes, parents just have to be lenient once and a while )

  1. Allow my kids to spend time with their friends.
  2. Spend quality time with my kids.
  3. Help my kids in any way I can.
  4. Let go little by little when the time is right.
  5. Let my kids express who they are.
  6. Not allow my kids to use and/or possess any type of narcotic. ( I mean, who wouldn’t agree with this? )
  7. Overtly speak the truth on any subject to my kids.
  8. Always be overt with my kids.
  9. Give the best advice to my kids anytime they need it.
  10. Communicate with my kids each and every single day.
  11. Not baby my kids when they get older. ( If you baby your kids at a mature age, 12 and older, your kids just won’t mature )
  12. Always comfort my kids.
  13. Satisfy my kids as best I can.
  14. Not work late or long shifts when my kids are home. ( I think it’s best to do this as a parent because by not working long or late shifts while your kids are home, your kids are less likely to cause trouble. )
  15. Not buy my kids everything they want all the time, such as electronics. ( If you do this constantly, your kids will just expect more and more to the point they’ll become spoiled brats )
  16. Reward my kids when they deserve it. ( such as when they get good grades )   with something they want (such as an iPod)
  17. Teach/ talk about mature subjects ( such as intercourse ) to my kids starting at 7 years of age. ( I think all parents should talk to their kids about mature subjects at a young age so their kids don’t make the wrong decisions in the future )
  18. Be a parent before a friend. ( Being a parent before a friend is always the best option because being a friend before a parent won’t give kids a solid direction and will only lead them to making the wrong decisions )
  19. Set ground rules, such as

a.)   Curfew.

b.)   Which articles of clothing my kids can and cannot wear.

c.)   When my kids are allowed to date ( It all depends on the situation and how mature they are )

d.)   Having privileges taken away when my kids act up and/or make dangerous decisions.

e.)   Having my kids check in with me by phone when they are out of the house. ( So I don’t worry )


I believe I will be a good parent in the future. My Mother’s awesome parenting has influenced me to be a parent like her. I know for a fact these 29 things will make my kids, or shall I say any kid, less likely to: go behind their parents’ back, participate in negative activities such as robbery, drug dealing, and drug experimenting; be negatively influenced by their peers, and cause trouble. I know these 29 things will make my kids respectful individuals who will make the right decisions. I think all parents or future parents should follow these 29 things because it will make both they and their kids happier and closer.


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  1. Shannon
    April 26, 2011 at 7:17 am #

    Your list is well thought out and an interesting read. I loved the irony “Not expect my kids to be straight A students . . . shouldn’t expect their kids to highly excel in subjects because it’ll only make matters worst.” – it should be “worse,” not worst.

    Item F (the second one, not the first one) was particularly difficult for me to read. I too, had that as a goal, yet I have a teen struggling with addiction. You can be the best parent in the world, follow your list absolutely, and still not get the result you had hoped for. Just wanted to add a bit of reality here in case it helps. I appreciate your post.

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