4/22/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

This week we were on CNN with Dr. Drew talking about sexting. Check out a clip of the segment:


Also…Our Next Book!
Sneak peek at our next book, “Do I get my Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?”, which comes out August 30, 2011.

Top Articles:

Why Fireworks and Kids Don’t Mix
On a camping trip in the summer of ‘94 Vanessa learned a very important lesson.

Articles from Guests:
How to Get Teens to Eat Healthy
The secret to eating healthy can be broken down into three very simple terms: Whole, Color, and Variety.

Combating Bullying…How Parenting just might be the answer
Cofounders of the non-profit, KidSafe Foundation, give tips and pointers for parents to keep their teens from bullying or being bullied.

Snooping… Healthy or Harmful??
Though your intentions may be good, snooping can lead to some pretty serious consequences from your teen.

Articles from Teens:

29 Things I Will do As a Future Parent
Though the prospect may seem far away, teens are taking notes from their own parents on how to be a good parent themselves.

“I Found My Jewish I.D.”
Rediscovering religion can be fulfilling and lead you to the best years of your life, which may come as a surprise.

As a Teen, How Will I Be as a Parent
Sometimes, when it comes to being a good parent, it all boils down to balance: one part strict and one part understanding.

BOOK REVIEW: Trauma Queen by Barbara Dee
The trials and tribulations of a young teen dealing with an embarrassing mother. Something many teens could probably relate to.

The kids are going off to college – nervous yet?
It’s one of those facts of life: your teen will one day grow up and leave home. But, this doesn’t have to be as nerve-racking as it sounds.

The Power Of Book Blogging
A fun new way to share book recommendations, through book blogging.

Move over Blogger and Twitter, the next “it” online craze is Tumblr which is a little bit of both blogging and tweeting.

An Unfortunate Event: A Summary and Reflection
How one small community turned an unfortunate event into a positive one, promoting tolerance and unity.

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