The Power of Blogging

Jennifer is a 18-year old from Long Island, NY. She enjoys playing squash and the violin. Her favorite subject is English because she loves to write and read.

Before Facebook and Twitter, blogging was a popular way of writing and expressing opinions or thoughts online. Blogs are the 21st century tech version of personal diaries, phone conversations, and hanging out with friends. People have even made careers out of being a blogger such as celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Blogs allow people to easily create a page for free and write whatever they please. According to, more than 8 million teens blog. A majority of this large number also uses Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites! Usually this amount of time spent on social media websites is viewed by parents as bad, however teen blogging can have both disadvantages and advantages:


ADVANTAGES found that blogs can create/ nurture relationships with friends and build a sense of community. By checking out and reading friends blogs, blogging is another form of communication for teens.

Another study from found that bloggers write more frequently both online and offline compared with less tech savvy teens.

Blogs can be a great way to do some creative writing and communicate with friends!



Privacy: Some blogs do not give you access to strict privacy settings. So, whatever a teen may write or post is out in the open to the public.

Also, many parents who have teens with a blog question whether they should read it or not. Some say that since a blog is open online parents should be allowed to read it. However, others think that reading a blog is just like eavesdropping on a conversation.

Many blogs are for fun, communication, and friendship. However, you always need to be careful of ‘creepers.’ Advice? Think before you post.


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