American Spirits, Not a Safe Cigarette

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A new trend I started noticing in my town about 6 months ago is one that involves cigarettes, and some great misconceptions.  The brand of cigarette, “Natural American Spirit” is advertised as being 100% Additive-free tobacco, and in my observations, has been enough to convince some kids to start smoking their brand.


Some friends of mine, as well as large group of teenagers in my Northwest Suburban town around Chicago started smoking American Spirit cigarettes awhile back because they were under the impression that they aren’t as harmful for your bodies such as other brands are.  The problem however, is that the marketing statement of being additive-free does not mean that the cigarettes contains any less nicotine or chemicals.  The truth is quite the opposite actually, with the majority of the American Spirit brand containing more nicotine than most other cigarettes, I personally see more and more kids turning to these cigarettes with false information in their heads.


This misinformation going around is quite an issue; not only do these cigarettes contain more addicting chemicals than most other cigarettes; they are also more expensive than most other brands.  Teens need to be educated about not only the negative effects of smoking in general, but the ploys used by tobacco companies to gain business too.  Despite telling my friends about the misinformation they’ve come to know and spread, this teen trend in my town is just not going away.  Teenagers in my area simply hear the American Spirit slogan, and they instantly accept it as truth.  My one thought on the subject is this; you shouldn’t smoke, it’s not good for you, but if you are going to, don’t listen to others and find out for yourself what it is your putting in your body, other people aren’t always right.



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3 Responses to “American Spirits, Not a Safe Cigarette”

  1. N7X
    November 17, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    Natural American Spirit advertises additive-free tobacco cigarettes. This is a blunt statement that is only misleading to those that fail to understand simple English. It means the tobacco has no added chemicals to make them more addictive, etc, leaving the natural effects and taste of the tobacco. Nicotine is a naturally occurring chemical in tobacco, among many others. It says at the top of their website that an additive-free cigarette is not a safer cigarette. It’s also printed on every pack. The only reason to switch to these is for a cleaner flavor without a chemical aftertaste. I see no misleading advertising on their part, just rampant teenage idiocy. Granted these extra chemicals may be somewhat harmful in some way to your body, but they aren’t what’s killing you. The tobacco is doing that all on its own.

    I’ve never heard of them containing MORE nicotine than other brand cigarettes, but I haven’t heard anything to the contrary either. The only effect this would have on a smoker is, they are less likely to chain smoke due to the larger dose of the addictive chemical they’d be getting from the first one. The advantage of having less is actually more dangerous, as addicted individuals will likely smoke more and more often to satisfy the craving. Which in turn makes them buy more packs more often. Good business strategy.

    I recently switched from Marlboro red 100s to these. They are packed far better and burn slower so less is wasted between drags. They last longer than a 100. I also prefer the cleaner flavor.

    All in all, the trend is the fault of fools and not “clever advertising”.

  2. tristen
    December 3, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    ur an idiot! cigareetes are bad in general and spirits are great people know there bad just less chemical get your facts straight

  3. juan
    December 5, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

    Yes they have more tobacco than other cigarettes (25% more than most king-size) but they also do not have added chocolate or sugar. the sugar helps break down the nicotine to hit you harder, it also makes you much more acidic. i had asthma when i was little and it comes back when i smoke regular cigarettes, not when i smoke spirits, that must say something. if i lived out in the country i would love to grow my own tobacco and smoke my own cigarettes without pesticides or any additives but thats not an option at the moment so i prefer to smoke more nicotine than smoke extra unnecessary additives that will likely deteriorate my health much faster. refined sugar is worse than most people think.

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