The Hate Game

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Ever heard of the titles above? Parents, if you are shocked, you shouldn’t be. These titles are just a few of the milder titles I found in the Internet. It doesn’t even count labels given to celebrities outside of the Internet by many teens and tweens. This is what teens and tweens worldwide are up to nowadays. Hating. There are hate Facebook groups targeted at celebrities, hate Twitter accounts, hate YouTube videos targeting celebrities, and hate websites.


Parents, if you hear that your kid is bullying another child in school, will you be angry? I bet you would. You might think that labeling and hating celebrities is not bad as it is because it is towards someone your kids have probably never met before. But it is worse than you think it is. This is the world’s next generation – haters.


Every time I read or hear my friends hating celebrities, I get angry and disgusted. Why? Because the celebrities these teenagers are hating have not done them anything wrong. I am not a fan of these celebrities but I cannot and probably will never understand what teens and tweens think they are getting out of hating.


Parents, I am writing this to you so that you might be aware of it. If your teens and tweens can hate celebrities (whom they have never seen) and spew out such hatred, what makes you think they won’t do the same to their classmates? A group of 4channers (4channers are a community of netizens who have been called “alarming” because of their activities) hijacked Justin Bieber’s website poll asking where he should tour next and they voted ‘North Korea’. There are even more explicit sites where the haters would wish the celebrities dead. An example is the very recent furor surrounding Rebecca Black’s death threats. Rebecca Black is a 13-year old girl who achieved worldwide fame through her single, “Friday”, when it was uploaded into YouTube. Her quick shot to fame (which ironically, was brought about by the negative criticism made about her video) is not as shocking as the comments left at the video page and death threats made towards her. What makes you think they won’t do the same to the unpopular kid in their class?


I have thought about this hate issue many times and wondered why is there so much hatred towards celebrities, especially young ones. I asked several friends and others I came across in Facebook about why they hate a certain celebrity and they could not answer my questions when I tried to probe deeper. The reasons they gave me were so shallow, I concluded that there had to be deeper reasons as to why they hate. I thought about it and came up with the following reasons.


  1. Jealousy – Teens and tweens are hating young celebrities. Can it be that they are jealous of their success? Can it be that guy haters are jealous that their girl friends are going crazy over the male celebrities? Can it be that the girl haters are jealous that their guy friends think a particular female celebrity is beautiful? Are the haters jealous and envious that these celebrities are receiving plenty of attention. Maybe it’s because they want to be The One – the one receiving the attention.
  2. Peer pressure – While doing research for this topic, I came across a forum thread in which someone asked if she should be hating this particular celebrity. The asker had seen the YouTube videos and Facebook groups and was actually asking if they should hate the celebrity. Are teens and tweens hating celebrities because it is what “the others” are doing? Hating celebrities is the ‘in’ thing now; it is popular. While not all haters are hating because of peer pressure, I am sure there are a few who are. It is easy to feel left out when you are the only one if your group of friends who is not hating.
  3. Idealism – Are the young people nowadays carrying a certain ideal of how a celebrity should behave? When celebrities don’t meet their ideals, they get upset and hate. They expect celebrities to be perfect. The problem is, many of them don’t realize that no one is perfect. Not even the celebrity on stage whom all the fans are screaming at.


Cyber harassment and cyberbullying might be strong terms to use on those who made the hate YouTube videos and started the hate groups, but they apply very well. Cyber harassment involves those with adult age while in cyberbullying, the victim and bully are minors. In some states in the United States, cyber harassment is a criminal offense. Various states in the United States have passed legislations against cyberbullying. Parents, while you might think that it is perfectly alright for your child to condemn and hate celebrities, celebrities are humans too and what your child is doing might be a criminal activity.


Parents, after all I have said, are you willing to help put to a stop these hate activities? The ball is in your court.


Before I end, I want to add a little note to teens and tweens who might be reading this. Put yourselves in the shoes of the celebrities you are hating. Put yourselves in the shoes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and all the other celebrities you all are hating. What if you are them? How will you feel with all the hate mud thrown at you in the Internet and in real life? With the exception of their popularity level, they are no different from you. They are also young people trying to find their way in life. The only thing you will gain from hating them is temporary pleasure at a cost of another fellow human being.




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