5/13/11: Articles for Parents this Week

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I am very excited to start booking my Fall speaking tour! As we have just announced my new book launches August 30, 2011!

“Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?” by Vanessa Van Petten

With the release of the new book I am giving early bird specials to schools, groups and conferences who want to do a program for parents, teachers or adult groups (the book is geared towards parents). Let us know if you fall in one of these three categories:

1. Schools
I will be offering a special offer for schools looking to book for the Fall 9/1-12/15. We want costs to stay very low, so I will be just charging a low honorarium and travel.

2. Private Parent Groups
For small groups, depending on where you are located I am also offering a large discount for events from 9/1-12/15.

3. Conferences and Events
I love doing conferences and other events. If you happen to have a conference or from 9/1-12/15 please let us know so we can tell you about discounts we are offering.

For examples of my presentations, testimonials and topics, please see my speaker page here.

Hope to hear from you: manager@scienceofpeople.com (Lynn Campbell, manager)

Vanessa and Lynn

Top Articles:

New CNN Column: Perfectionist Parents and Their Always Lacking Teens
Vanessa’s CNN column this week talks about perfectionist parents and the effect of this syndrome on their kids.

When Kids Spend Time Doing Nothing: How to Avoid Empty Calorie Time
Why many teens (and adults!) resort to “empty calorie” activities like perusing their Facebook newsfeed or playing around with their computer settings and how we can encourage them to be more productive.

10 Best and Worst iPhone Apps for Teens and Parents
There are a slew of really useful apps like iTopic for conversation starters, or iWonder for parental control software on the phone, and a slew of useless apps like Annoy-a-Teen, which is exactly what is sounds.

Sample Cell Phone Contract for Kids and Parents
A contract that both teen and parent have equal say in can be an effective way for parents to ensure their teen uses his or cell phone appropriately.

Articles from Guests:

Communicating With Your Emotional Teen
Mental health therapist and author, Sheri Van Dijke, helps navigate the fine line between typical teen  behavior and a teen that needs professional help.

Teens and Health
Despite the great scientific leaps that modern medicine has taken, our teens are not necessarily healthier. How we can ensure that our kids can make it out of the tumultuous teen years alive and well.

Articles from Teens:

American Spirits, Not a Safe Cigarette
The dangerous new teen trend of smoking American Spirits brand cigarettes because teens are under the impression that this brand is not as harmful to their bodies.

The Hate Game
Why so many teens hate certain celebrities and how celebrity-bashing, though seemingly harmless, is not emotionally healthy for teens.

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger
At 16, there is already a long list of advice for your pre-teen self, like living in the moment and taking a step back.

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