10 Icebreakers and Party Games for Kids, Tweens and Teens

Ice breakers, icebreakers, conversation starters, party games, speaking points, conversation topicsWhen you get a group of young people together, whether they are kids, teens or tweens, there are often some awkward get-to-know-each-other moments. I love using ice breakers and party games for this exact purpose. I will often use the ice breakers at speaking engagements or workshops. For parents, these teen and kid ice breakers can also be great for birthday parties or even for teachers to use in a classroom full of new kids!

Top Icebreakers and Party Games for kids, teens and tweens:

1. Mafia

This is a great game for kids to play and often they will continue playing it even after your program or event! It’s also known as the predator game and a full summary can be found on this website.

2. Famous People

Tape names of famous people on the teens’ backs. They have to ask each other yes or no questions until they can guess who they are.  For example: Am I a man? Am I a singer? The trick is the can only ask one question to each person.

3. Forbidden Letter

A teen party game for the older one’s. Players decide on a letter of the alphabet that is to be forbidden. It’s best not to choose a vowel as that makes it ‘really’ difficult. From that moment on, players are not allowed to say any word that contains that letter. Choose a person to be the questioner and every player starts with five lives. The questioner also has to abide by the rules of the forbidden letter. The last player left in the game is declared the king of the alphabet.

4. Treasure Hunt

Kids especially love this game and with teens you can put out iTunes gift cards or gift cards from the mall or for movie tickets. You can also assign teams.

5. Improv Games

I love all kinds of improv games for kids and teens at parties. They are great for icebreakers because you have to be silly. Here is a list of great ones.

6. Charades

A classic party game, charades is always a good one. Have kids pull names of movies out of a hat to make the game move quickly.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts around a small neighborhood or even a mall can be a great party activity.

8. Classic Board Games

I actually think some classic board games can be a great way to get parties started and break the ice. Pull out some of our favorites for teens: Best Board Games for Teens.

9. The Party Game

One player plays a character that is having a party. The other players will be the guests, and the audience provides us with who the guests might be. Of course the host does not know who the guests are. His task is to guess who the guests might be, based on hints the guests offer. The games is over as soon as the host has guessed all guests.

10. Mimed Ball Game

Everyone starts milling about the room, miming a particular kind of ball. It can be light or heavy, have a texture, whatever, as long as it is particular. At the trainer`s sign, everyone passes their ball to someone else. This is done a couple of times, after which everyone tries to find back his or her ball.

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