Why Teachers Should Cut Down the Amount of Homework They Give Us

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Students, do you ever feel like you can’t just sit and relax or go to bed early because of all of the homework you’re given from your teachers? I sure do. Because of how much homework you and I are given, I think it’s time for our teachers to receive a wakeup call to cut down the amount of homework they give us.

Teachers, it’s your time to cut down the amount of homework you give us because:

  1. We have enough homework to do considering all of the homework we have from our other classes.
  2. We cannot afford to be stressed out from all the homework you give us.
  3. We don’t need more stress piled on us after a long 6-7 hour school day.
  4. It will make us happier if you do so.
  5. It will give us more opportunities to do better in all of our classes, including yours.
  6. It will give us a better, more respectful outlook on you as a teacher.
  7. It will give us more opportunities to go to bed early.
  8. It will make our school days tired and exhaust free if you do so.
  9. It will lower our stress levels.

10.  It will decrease our chances of waking up too late to the point we cannot go to school.

11.  We deserve to relax after a long and exhausting day.

By looking at this list, look at all of the advantages having less homework will have on us. By having less homework, it will give us more opportunities to be happy, focused, and stress free! Through our experience of having a lot of homework to the point we go to bed late, we can tell you this: we are unhappy, dissatisfied, stressed, tired, and fed up with all of the homework you give us! What true good does it do making us feel this way, considering all of the disadvantages it has on our education and on ourselves? As an advantage to our education and to ourselves, you need to cut down the amount of homework you give us once and for all!

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