Mid Year Exam Results

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Midyear is a precarious time, given a taste of just how cruel exams can be and left despairing about how you’re possibly going to turn the tables and reach those all important grades. It’s a time where you need to sit down with yourself/teachers/parents and make some important decisions.


If your results for a subject so low that it is not possible for you to reach your target grade/pass grade combined with your second exam at the end of the year, then you should consider re-sitting that exam either in the summer or the following academic year.

It’s a second chance and another opportunity to do the best you can. Your midyear exam result need never had existed! By doing it in the summer, your re-sit will not be recorded.

The only drawback I would say is that it adds an extra load to your already bulging to-do list. Remember, the summer exams are much more intense than the winter ones and require you to be fully focused.

If this is your concern then it may be best for you to re-sit the exam in the following academic year, this will, however, be recorded as a re-sit.

There is an additional fee for re-sits.



If your results were just marginally off your desired grade/pass grade and you are only scratching for those odd few marks then a re-mark may be the option for you.

Be warned that marks can go both up AND down!

Subjects such as English Literature offer a greater chance to pick up extra marks, whereas Mathematics that chance is slimmer. This is due to the nature of the exams.

You need to consider the odds very carefully.


You can request a copy of your paper from the exams board. If your still unsure as to whether to re-sit or re-mark, ask a teacher to go over your paper and suggest any places where you could have gotten higher marks. This will give you a better idea as to the result of your remark. Obviously if your teacher finds that you have been over-marked in places, you’re better off without it.

Another way you can utilise your recall is to evaluate where you made the slips and what you weak points are, this will give you an idea as to the areas that you need to improve which is particularly useful if you’re going for a re-sit.


However you can do without the above if you are determined enough to redeem yourself by learning a lesson from these exams and aim to get great results in your summer exams. This will make up for the marks that you lost and secure you a good grade.

Remember though, it will only come with hard work!


If none of these options seem likely to improve your results i.e. you find the subject is too difficult, then perhaps you should have a sit down with yourself and ask whether the original goals you had set yourself is realistic. If the subject is the problem, perhaps you should drop it, if you need that subject for a career choice perhaps you need to reconsider your options and look for something more achievable.

I don’t encourage anyone to give up, but it you, your parents and your teachers agree that there are better options for you then perhaps a change of course is due, an area you will both enjoy and succeed in.

On the other hand, if the goal you have set yourself is a dying wish and nothing else will do, then you could consider alternative routes, foundation years for example or even graduate entrance. If your area of choice requires work experience then finding valuable work experience is highly appreciated.

Future Plans:

The golden rule is to try and try again! Consider back up plans such as a gap year and or even studying abroad. They’re quite extreme but having a safety net may just keep you off the ground if ever the worst happens.


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