A Teen Shopping Guide for Parents

Sofia is an 18 year old from Los Angeles, CA.  She is attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and is studying to be a clinical psychologist and loves to go snowboarding!

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I believe most parents can agree, that shopping for their tweens and teens can be extremely challenging. Especially in a world where trends are changing not only in the media, but also in schools as well.  Looking back on the middle school years, my group of friends, and simply people in general, were constantly adapting their styles every couple of months, which meant new styles, new outfits, and new clothes. So parents, here should be a few tips to help you out while you attempt to correctly shop for your kids.

These days, unlike my middle school days, most of the trends involve oversized clothing, with leggings or jeggings (leggings made out of denim) underneath, so there is no worry about your kids wearing clothes that are too revealing. A particularly trendy place to shop is Forever21.  Forever21 features several various styles that will be sure to match to any teen or tween’s style.  From wild tribal and animal prints to dainty floral and pastel items, there is a wide spectrum of tops, shorts, dresses, shoes and jewelry to choose from.  When trying to shop with your teen, if you find yourself struggling to agree upon things together, try getting the help of someone who works there.  The vast majority of the people who work at Forever21 are either in their senior year of high school or in college; these are the girls your teen or tween is looking up to and if they see a particular style that the girl is wearing and are being told that these current outfits are all the rage, they will be more willing to comply (don’t worry, all the girls are required to wear clothing that will cover them up, nothing too revealing!). Perhaps the most beneficial part about Forever21 is the affordable prices, which also makes shopping easier.

Additionally, small boutiques are also another place that will, hopefully, eliminate any conflicts on what is appropriate to wear. Boutiques tend to carry classy and covering pieces that are adorable and both a mom and a teen or tween will agree upon. A few downsides to boutiques are that the selections are particularly limited and the prices tend to be a little higher since the clothes are more delicate. Local, small boutiques are ideal because if your child is opposed to the idea, you can entice them with the idea that these choices are “one of a kind” and that your child will be the only one at school that is wearing them.

It is also apparent that mothers and daughters frequently argue over what type of clothing is appropriate to wear to dances and other school events.  Now despite what all the “popular kids” may be wearing or what even other students may be wearing: short, short dresses are NOT cute—they are simply trashy and unappealing. Especially on younger girls, it does not come off flattering, but simply sends the image that they are trying too hard for attention, and the wrong type of attention. Try finding dresses that are flowier and reach down to mid thigh.  Avoid dresses that are really tight around your legs, those will also send a message that I bet you didn’t even want in the first place.  And last but not least, even though it is overstated, don’t let others’ tacky and trashy styles influence you; you will want to look back on your younger years and remember how you were the one who dressed classy, chic, and unique.


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