Teen Pregnancy Fad Still Going Strong

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Is it a fashion statement? A trending topic on Twitter? Is it something in the water we’re drinking? It’s a phenomenon that is beyond me. Every time I look around, there’s a teenage mother-to-be. What happened to finishing high school, attaining a High School Diploma, experiencing the college life and earning a degree, working, getting married, then having kids? Its almost as if this has become too cookie-cutter for most teenage girls these days. But why? Why are most girls “anti- the norm”? The ultimate goal is to be different and to rebel, but in all actuality, everyone’s practically the same and doing most of the same things. Most girls feel the need to start becoming sexually active without using proper methods of protection and having no choice but to live with the consequences.


In today’s society, being pregnant as a teenager is no big deal. Why is that? Is it because being pregnant at the tender age of 16 is being glorified on a hit MTV show? 16 & Pregnant has become the talk-about show. It is described as the “the stories of pregnant teenage girls in high school dealing with the hardships of teenage pregnancy.” Sure, everything isn’t peachy and perfect on the show; it is still glamorized to a certain extent. I can’t blame it on 16 & Pregnant alone, Diablo Cody’s 2007 comedy-drama film, Juno, plays a role in this phenomenon. In my opinion, there’s nothing comedic about a sixteen year old getting pregnant, knowing she isn’t ready to take on this role as a young mother. Also, Lifetime Original Movie, The Pact, showed pregnancy as something that can be taken lightly amongst a group of friends.


Besides the movies and television shows, are parents to blame? Are parents not doing their job by reaching out to their children and giving them facts about having sex as a teenager? Are they putting them valuable tips on avoiding pregnancy? I know most parents dread the day they’ll have to face their teenage daughter and put her on birth control, but wont that be more pleasant than her coming to you with something she calls a “mistake”?


Teens are having sex regardless of what their parents are saying. Putting the teens on tight leashes aren’t doing much either because they usually find a time and a place to have sex without your knowledge. So what’s a parent to do? Instead of using the birds and the bees to inform them, why not put everything on the table and allow their teens to be opened, honest and get informed about the risks out there.


Some teenage girls have this picture perfect image of life as a young teenage mother, but in reality it’s a serious challenge. In this picture perfect image, there’s no sight of having to wake up at all hours of the night, give up being a teenage girl, and most importantly, not being able to give this baby the life he/she truly deserve. Most of these young mothers are not financially stable and still depend on mommy and daddy for basic necessities just to live.


Become a teenage mom has been an epidemic over the past few years and the big question that needs an answer, is why? Why aren’t the young girls realizing that life with child as a child, is not what they should be aiming for. Gaining an education and looking forward to their homecoming dance should be what’s on a 16 year old’s mind, not figuring how she’s going to purchase the crib for the baby she’s carrying.


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