3 Pieces of Advice I would give to a Ten-Year Old

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The life of ten-year olds are filled with exciting school days, exhilarating sports practice and tedious homework. Though they live busy lives, many would give anything to be ten again. Ten year olds may want to be older and have more privileges and freedom, but as a sixteen year old I would offer every ten year old some surprising advice:


1. Build a strong relationship with your parents. A good relationship with your parents will make your years as you grow to be a teen a whole lot easier for you. When you get older, parent punishments get worse. Instead of getting video games or TV taken away it will be your car or your cell phone. In general, try to become close to your parents while your young so it becomes more natural when you get older and it gets harder to relate to your parents.


2. Don’t ask for more privileges than you already have. With privileges comes responsibility. The older you get and more you want to act grown up, the more responsibilities you have piling up. Don’t act older than you are. Trust me, the last thing that you want is for your parents to treat you older. It’s a simple fact, the older you act the more expectations you’re parents have for you.


3. Enjoy it while it lasts. A life of a ten year old ultimately is supposed to be filled with fun. Enjoy your childhood because it goes by a lot faster than you think.


Overall, don’t grow up faster than you are supposed to. Why would you want to grow up as soon as possible when you have the rest of your life to be an adult? In these modern times, adults are putting a lot more pressure on children at an early age. This is causing a lot of stress because sometimes kids can’t handle their parent’s high expectations. Parents, I know that you want your kids to do well and be a better person but try to understand how they were feeling and how you felt as a ten year old. Imagine the days when your biggest problem was impossible math homework or if you ‘re little sister is stealing your things. I’m not saying that ten year olds’ lives are insignificant but they live a much simpler lifestyle with less stress and responsibilities than an adult.


So if you are ten, like I said before, enjoy you’re time as a child because almost every adult you talk to wishes to become a child again at some point or another.



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