Speaking at the Read, Write, Web Conference: Kidgenuity

Dear Readers,
I am very excited to be speaking at the upcoming Read, Write, Web Conference in New York City in June. If you have not heard of Read, Write, Web they are fantastic.
Here is a description of my session:

Kidgenuity: What We Can Learn From Kids Creating Future Technology


Kids are natural innovators; they think broadly about the world without the “adult” constraints of what’s practical, popular or even possible. More than that, kids who have grown up in today’s fast-evolving digital climate have different expectations about technology–how interactive, immersive, or how “human” it is, for example–that can be considered a window into what future technology might (or should) look like.

Latitude has launched a number of research initiatives to explore the principles underlying how young people think about technology, with insights for how we can develop technology for a wide range of audiences, adults and kids included. Beyond technology innovation, kids’ evolving relationship with and ideas about technology are predictive of changes happening in the larger world; in other words, kids may have a lot to say about how we relate socially, how we govern, or how we learn–or how we will in the future, that is. This talk will address why technology that’s good for kids can be good for everyone, how companies can work with children to glean meaningful insights, and how kid-based research and recommendations can be integrated into any company’s innovation process.

The session is put on by Latitude. Latitude is an international research consultancy helping clients create engaging content, software and technology that harness the possibilities of the Web.

All of my readers can use a discount code: KIDGENUITY when registering.
Hope to see you there!


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