5/27/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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Hear my show on Family Anatomy: What do teens want parents to know? How can families avoid common conflicts and cyclical arguments?

We were also featured on How to Be A Walking Momtra

Top Articles:

15 Best Virtual Worlds for Kids, Teens and Tweens
The best virtual worlds divided by age group range from the classic, like Neopets, to serious gaming, like World of Warcraft.

Articles from Guests:

Understanding What Motivates Your Children
Jessica Cook of TheMommyTeacher.com teaches us more effective ways to motivate our kids than the popular “because I said so” technique.

Articles from Teens:

My Life Before Facebook
The contradictions with the ever-popular social networking site– is it freeing or limiting?

Getting Your Teens in the Political Sphere
Tips for parents to convert their teens into politically aware and well-informed future leaders.

Mid Year Exam Results
Six things to keep in mind when getting those dreaded test results.

Getting the Most out of your Work Placement
When learning the ropes of a new job or internship there are a few important things to consider to make it the best possible experience.

Fine Without Facebook: 5 Reasons Why Facebook is Overrated
Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is not a teen necessity.

Why Teachers Should Cut Down the Amount of Homework They Give Us
11 reasons why teachers should cut highschoolers a break.

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