Vacations with Teens: How to Enjoy Your Vacation

Jessica is a 14-year-old high school student from Cerritos, CA. She enjoys going to concerts, listening to music, and playing basketball.

Summer is just around the corner! That means your kids don’t have to go to school and they’re either in the house 24/7, or vice versa. They are going to be trading in their note-taking skills for some hours of sleeping in. One of the few problems of summer is that the long, stress-free, but fun days seem to just fly by before you know it. Parents across America just want to spend some quality time with their teens. They want to know what’s going on in their lives and do some quality bonding. Below are some useful tips on how to plan your summer without any resistance from your teen:


  1. Consider letting you son or daughter take a friend. Letting them take a friend to come along on a family vacation is usually a quandary parents of teens face. It is a tough decision. It also depends on who the frend is. Make sure you know who it is and trust both of them being together during the span of the vacation. Allowing you teen to bring a friend might also make the vacation flow smoother. This means everyone would have a better time.
  2. When you pick a place to stay, make sure it can keep your teen occupied, and not bored. When you are choosing a resort, or wherever you are going to stay, make sure that your teen is included in the process. Give your teens choices. If they only have one or two choices they may feel stuck, and you won’t have as much fun as a family.
  3. Your teens need their space. When you plan the sleeping arrangements for a family vacation with your teens, try to get them sleeping quarters separate from you. I know you want to spend as much time as possible with them, but it is a vacation. You are allowed to spend time apart, too.
  4. Loosen up. Vacations are supposed to be fun! Bend the rules a little bit. Let them sleep in a little longer than usual, give them some space, let them be teens, just things like that.

These small things can add up to your teens loving and appreciating you more! That’s always a good thing. So while you are on a vacation, just remember to enjoy it! Have fun, make memories, and do some quality bonding. Just make the vacation worth it!




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