6/3/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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We wrote an article about Peer Pressure on Messengers In Denim…check it out.

Top Articles:

Speaking at the Read, Write, Web Conference: Kidgenuity
Vanessa will speak about teens and the future of technology at the upcoming Read, Write, Web conference in New York.

Articles from Guests:

Managing Your Digital Footprint
Founder and managing partner of Critical Issues for Girls, Alison Trachtman Hill, explores what can cause abusive situations via technology. Often, we forget there is another human being on the other side of the screen.

Organization & The Teenage Brain
Chris Hudson, who runs Understanding Teenagers, demystifies the teenage brain and why teens seem to universally lack organizational and time management skills.

Was Hillary Right? [Guest Post]
Popular columnist, speaker and author Daniel Darling believes that although parents should still have the primary parenting responsibility, mentors, civic institutions, churches and other societal institutions can also play a positive role.

Teen Supplements 101: What Should My Teen Be Taking?
Dr. Heather Manley breaks down the teen supplement essentials and where to get them from.

The Three Questions Your Teens Should Ask Before Dating
How to steer your teen towards the healthy relationship path when they start to explore dating.

Articles from Teens:

Wavering Faith
Taking a break from the religion simply handed to you as a child can sometimes mean an even stronger faith.

Letter to my Tween Self From my Teen Self
Though there are only a few years between tween and teen, those crucial coming-of-age years yield much advice.

Vacations with Teens: How to Enjoy Your Vacation
Four tips for parents to get the most out of their summer break with their teens.

Facebook: Weighing Its Pros and Cons
Even teens don’t believe that Facebook is an absolute necessity in life.

To Facebook or not to Facebook, Now that is the Question
Another teen agrees that it is not absolutely necessary to have Facebook in high school.

10 Warning Signs That The End Is Near For A Relationship
Teen romance can be fickle. Here are some signals to help you know when your romance is about to end.

3 Pieces of Advice I would give to a Ten-Year Old
Life moves fast already, so enjoy every minute as a kid. And parents, let your kids be kids!

Media Glamorizing Abusive Relationships?
How some popular songs may send dangerous messages.

Smarties: Life in the AP and Honors World
The dark side of life as an AP and Honors student shows there is so much more to getting that high score.

Social Networking: What’s on your mind?
How the ever-popular social network Facebook has made it’s way into the teenage vernacular and the basic way of communicating with one another.

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life
How to improve your decision making skills and lead the life you want to lead.

Teen Pregnancy Fad Still Going Strong
Whether it’s TV shows like 16 & Pregnant or movies like Juno or parents who put their teens on tight leashes, the teen pregnancy fad is unfortunately still going strong.

New Teen Trend: Geocaching
What is geocaching and how you can play this fun new trend safely with your friends.

A Teen Shopping Guide for Parents
How both teen and parent alike can return satisfied after a shopping trip.

Running for Student Elections
Three big tips for teens who are running for a student election.

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