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Amber is a 18-year-old from Poughkeepsie, NY. She enjoys listen to music, watching the Colts win Football games, and her favorite subject is Communication, she wants to go in to Public Relations.

Celebrities are every where, we cant seem to go anywhere without seeing them trying to sell us something. We seem to be tried of them, yet we’ve become junkies– craving more and more news about the growing celebrity “cult”. What function does celebrity play in our culture?

According to the book “ The Cult of Celebrity” celebrity is not some aberration, but an aspect of the central economic, social and political force in Western life: Consumerism. The book goes on to talk about the three functions celebrities have on us the “consumer”. The first part is the models of personality, they tell us how to act and what to do. When your change your hair style to match your favorite star, or you buy that drink that your star drinks all time, that’s them telling you how to be. The second part is they are the ultimate consumers; they can buy everything and anything. They embody the American Dream; the promise that everyone can transform themselves from nothing to something big. The third part is that they themselves are products. Whenever we buy that gossip magazine, or watch TMZ that’s celebrities selling you them.

According to Newsweek reporter Kathleen Deveny kids today are being shown images of oversexed, under dressed celebrities who cant seem to step out of their cars with out showing us their parts. With a poll that Newsweek did it showed that 77 percent of people said that celebrities have too much influence on young girls. 84 percent of those polled say that sexuality plays a bigger role in American popular culture than it did 20 or 30 years ago, and 70 percent say this is more of a bad influence on young people today than a good influence. Is that true is it all bad or can the influence be good as well. I mean some celebrities support good causes and are huge activists, but why is it so hard to find things that are good about them?

While doing my research for this article I found a lot of writings on the “bad influence” that celebrities give off and every few about the good. For example I typed in Eric Szmanda from CSI who is a huge humanitarian yet in his Wiki page they only have one sentence on it. Why is that why do we spend so much time looking for the bad things and so little time on the good things that celebrity do. When looking up Prince William I got on his wedding, but very little on Tusk Trust, which is a program that helps out animals in Africa that he supports and believes in very much. It seems like we don’t like to hear about the good that they do, because it’s “boring”.

So we are the ones that are creating the “cult” of celebrity. Craving it, want more and cant get enough. Parents complain about how much influence is being giving to their children and teens yet they still buy that magazine and they still watch E! News around or with their children than their not helping to limit the amount of celebrity images that their children see. Yes some celebrities are troubled and it seem that they cant do right but if we didn’t care so much than they would be on the cover of the magazine. The editors of those magazines only put on what will sale, and that all the bad that celebs do.

So next time you’re complaining about the over load of celebrities on you’re computer screen or magazine cover know that maybe its really your fault that in some way you, me and all those around us create this “cult” and none of us can get out of it.



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