The Benefits of Being a “Tiger Mom”

tiger mom, chinese parenting, strict parenting, tiger mother,Ora is a 17- year-old from Texas. She loves dancing (from hip-hop to ballet) and music (from competitive classical piano to singing whilst strumming along on the guitar). She has a fascination with languages (fluent in four) and hopes to be able to incorporate and utilize this into whatever career she chooses to pursue.


Over the past months, one misunderstood “parenting” book (really a memoir) has garnered a lot of criticism and encountered much controversy. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is the true recollection of one mother’s journey in strict parenting, her methods, which appear to be eccentrically abusive and ridiculously insane to the typical American parent, and the results that occur as a consequence of her actions. Her implementation of the typical “Chinese” parenting style that often produces stereotypically intelligent and diligent kids, has been harshly criticized for being too extreme in administration. However, raised by a “Tiger Mom” myself (“where 100s were and are for average people”), I can recognize the satiric representation of the common household laws I was forced to endure as well as relate to the requirements that every Chinese child is obligated to partake.  And in the end, despite the rigorous effort used to accomplish whatever task I am expected to complete, the old maxim (hard work pays off) holds true. Be it studying, or practicing piano hours and hours into the dawn of the new day, or taking high school math classes as a fourth grader during the summer, I know that these despised events will ultimately be more beneficial and productive for me and my future, than watching reruns of a show I’ve already seen 500 times.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Being a Tiger Mom is Beneficial For Your Child

3. Productivity

Since the moment I could walk, my schedule has been filled with a plethora of activities. The list includes, but is not limited to (not all simultaneous; not all continuous): ballet lessons, piano competitions, orchestra, figure skating practices at five in the morning, Church, violin lessons, dance classes, choir, guitar practices, swim team, Taekwondo, gymnastics… All of these activities, while they did require an enormous time commitment, were more helpful in shaping my life than being a couch potato. I was not only able to acquire confidence through the numerous performances and accomplishments I received, but I was also able to experience all of the different aspects of life one normally only lives vicariously through television.

2. Motivation

Criticism is something I take really well. I guess it’s because I’ve never been fed the mendacious words of encouragement that most parents feed their children in order to make them feel good about themselves and ignorant to the truth around them. My mom has always been extremely blunt and straightforward with me, not failing to mention my every fault and list the reasons why I’m a failure. This only motivates me to try harder and strive to be the best that I can possibly be. By focusing on my faults, it only serves to push me towards reaching my full potential. And that should ultimately be the goal of parents: to help their child reach the best of his or her ability.

1. Responsibility

Being responsible is a mentality that must be enforced and trained while young. Discipline begins with the most minute tasks and quickly evolves into a needed lifelong skill. What better way to train this than through fun activities that develop your attention skills and sense of accountability? Your children may not appreciate your pushiness now, but they’ll graciously thank you for not giving up on them in the future.

I often wish I was raised by a normal parent. I desperately desire commendation for passing my classes rather than reprimand for receiving an A-. But ultimately, the way I was raised has prepared me for reality and I can say with confidence that I can accomplish any task I am handed because my mother refused to relent on me when I was young.



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