Getting the Bond Back: How to Reconnect With Your Siblings

TreNesha is a 17 year-old from Goodyear, AZ. She enjoys reading, swimming and nature.

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Sisters have a complicated relationship. One day we’ll be closer than ever, the next we’ll be clawing each other’s eyes out. This past month my sister graduated. As I was sitting in the stands watching her walk around in that cap and gown, it hit me. She was leaving. Another thing hit me, too. I had lived with her for seventeen years and I don’t feel like I got to know her at all. That bothered me so much. Sisters should be closer than that. That is why I made this goal for the summer: I was going to get the bond back with my sisters. The bond is the relationship I have with my sisters. We used to be close to each other when we were younger but as we got older we kind of separated. I’ve decided to change that and I want to show you how I plan to do that. Here are some tips for getting the bond back:


Ask before you take. Most of the arguments I had with my sisters started because I, or they, took something without asking. Even if they say no they’ll appreciate the fact that you asked first.

Respect Boundaries. Don’t just walk into their room. Knock on the door first. This doesn’t just go for the bedroom. Keep away from diaries and other personal things.

Make time for them. I know that I’ve blown my sisters off for some asinine things before. This makes them feel unimportant to you and will make you unimportant to them. If they ask you to do something with them don’t blow them off just because your favorite show is on.

Do an unexpected kindness. If you know that your little sister has problems with fractions and you have an A in math offer to help her. If you know your older sister rushes to school everyday don’t be afraid to cook her waffle in the toaster for her.

Don’t be a snitch. This is one of the big ones. When your sister tells you a secret that she’s not ready to tell your parents don’t run and tell them yourself. This is a complete betrayal of trust and if you ever do it she’ll probably never trust you again. This rule can only be broken when your sister is in serious danger.

Find a common interest. Finding a common interest is one of the best ways to establish a bond. This will give you something to talk about in those dull moments around the house. The common interest could be anything, books, boys, TV or sports. It doesn’t really matter as long as it gets you to talk. My sister and I decided to watch Pretty Little Liars together.

Have their back. This is really important. If you have your sister’s back she’ll have yours. If your younger sister wants to go on her first date and your parents aren’t too keen on letting her go, try and convince them that’s okay. If your older sister wants to take a road trip but your parents aren’t to sure about it remind them of how responsible she really is. This is always appreciated.


These tips are not guarantees. The relationship with your sister is what you make it . If you want to get to know your sister better and connect better its up to you to make the effort.




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