New Teen Trend: Microvolunteering

Microvolunteering, teen volunteers, volunteering, charity, volunteer networkI love when I can post about a new teen trend that is positive! Microvolunteering is becoming the next new thing for teens. Microvolunteering is being able to help others in small, but significant ways. Microvolunteering is often done through technology and teens (or anyone) can do this completely on their own time.

Sparked is a network where people can offer assistance on many different projects. Sparks lists all kinds of ways to help, teens can brainstorm ideas help with volunteering create a marketing campaign. The best part is you can do a lot without spending a lot of time. All you have to do is click a few buttons to identify your interests and skills then you can start on small projects or tasks.

Why is Microvolunteering so appealing to this generation?

It’s Instant

This is the ‘instant’ generation. They do not want to have to wait in line, wait for rewards or wait to help!

It’s Digital

Much of microvolunteering happens through devices and technology and this generation loves all things tech.

It’s Good

This generation of teens and tweens value volunteering, giving back and charity much more than previous generations.

Microvolunteering happens a number of different ways, but is almost always in small chunks or bite-sizes. Learn how microvolunteering differs from virtual volunteering.

Here are few microvolunteering opportunities:

Nonprofits & Charitable Organizations
Companies – who want an employee volunteering program



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