10 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Great Time!


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Everyone loves to hang out with friends, but sometimes it can cost a lot of money. However, there are ways to limit the amount of money we spend without limiting the time we spend with our friends. Here are ten ways to save money and still have a good time:

1.    Carpool to events:

Carpools are great ways to save money on gas. Each person that is in the car can give 2 dollars to whoever’s driving. Money is saved on gas and the friend that driving can get money to refuel. Be sure to switch up the person driving.

2.    Movie Nights:

Going to the movie theater can cost on average of 20 dollars for tickets and snacks. There are ways to change that. Have friends come over to someone’s house to watch movies. Have them bring over some of their favorites so that it’s fair. Also have them bring some snacks over that they like. Therefore you not only save 10 dollars on a ticket, but all you have to buy are snacks.

3.    Game Nights:

These nights are so much fun. They are easy to do, just have your friends bring over their favorite games. Remember the more games the better. Set up game areas with different games, or you can have a whole day devoted to only one game. My friends and I do this with Monopoly, and it is always a blast.

4.    Picnics:

What’s more fun than going outside on a nice day? Being outside with all your friends and food that’s what more fun! Everyone can bring something that way you save money on food and everyone feel a part of the party.

5.    Chipping in for Presents:

You can get your friends something really nice without having to spend a lot. My friends and I are doing this with one of our friends; we are all giving 10 dollars so we can buy a new camera for a friend’s grad gift.

6.    Go Hiking:

Not only do you get exercise, but most hiking spots are free. Enjoy the great outdoors with your best friends for no money. All you need is boots, shorts, food and of course water.

7.    Have campfire and roast marshmallows:

It’s summer now, so this is great idea. Everyone loves a campfire. The only thing that you have to buy is marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. And you can have people bring other things that they want to roast.

8.    Have a Water Balloon Fight:

With the heat of the summer this can cool off any hot day. The best part is the only thing you pay for are the water balloons.

9.     Potluck Dinner Parties at Home:

It’s like a picnic, but instead do this on rainy night when there is nothing to do. Again have people bring a dish and drinks, so everyone feels a part of the party.

10.       Watch for Free Days at Local Museums:

Most museums have at least one day a month where they have free admission. Find out when that day is and go! You may have to pay for parking but you and your friends will get to go to the museum at no cost. Just remember that special exhibits usually cost even on free days.

These are only ten ways to limit money cost but not friend time. The best part about these ideas is that they can be combined to have an even better day. And these aren’t just ideas for teens either, parents can use these too to save money and still have fun with their children.



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