High School Stress: Tips to Deal With Everyday Stressors

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Finally, the school year is over and it’s time for summer to begin! We can finally leave our worries behind and just enjoy spending time with our friends and family out at the beach. We enjoy it while we can until the school year sneaks up on us and we’re back into our daily grind of waking up at six and coming home to essays and the quadratic formula. Along with the pressure of passing tests, internships, band practice, sports, keeping relationships, and babysitting, taking care of your stress level can be quite irrelevant.

Coming from a teen who deals with the issue of stress first hand, I can tell you that getting on with your daily activities can turn into quite a chore when you’re in a bad mood. Statistics show that 10% of all teens suffer from an anxiety order that stems from everyday stressors, such as school work, parents, and friends. Teens who learn to deal with their stress early, lower the risk of more serious problems like lack of concentration and headaches.

Here are some tips that can make a huge difference in your teens stress level:

  • Use the summer to prepare for next year. Take these two months before school to make a schedule and practice your daily routine before you even get the chance to be overwhelmed by the new school year.
  • Create your own anti-stress regimen. Research techniques that can help you deal with stress, such as yoga, pressure points, or breathing exercises.
  • Set reasonable goals. Setting goals and examining the steps you need to take them can help you turn big problems into reasonable steps that can help lower your stress level over things like big projects.
  • Give yourself an outlet to relieve stress. Find something you enjoy that you can take at least one day out of your week to just relax and enjoy; things like sports, art classes, or music programs.

In life it is hard to avoid things that stress us out, but our job is to find ways that can reduce it and make it easier for us to overcome it and go on with our everyday lives.



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