6/24/11: Articles for Parents This Week

Hello Readers,

We were in Psychology Today this week (Thanks Joanne!!): Avoiding Three Traps for Good Parent-Child Communication

Top Articles:

New Teen Trend: Microvolunteering
How this new way of doing good is taking off amongst the current teen generation.

Ark Music Factory: The New Birthday Gift…A Music Video?
How Ark Music Factory, the company responsible for Youtube sensation Rebecca Black, is satisfying needs for both teens and their parents.

Articles from Guests:

Teens and Caffeine
Author and practicing physician Dr. Heather Manley argues the dangers of caffeine intake for teens.

Articles from Teens:

Five Summer Beach Reads for Teen Girls
Great teen books that have all the necessary elements for a good read: romance, friendship, a strong heroine, and a sense of escape.

Getting the Bond Back: How to Reconnect With Your Siblings
7 tips for teens to reconnect with their siblings after a long rift or break.

The Benefits of Being a “Tiger Mom”
The top three reasons why being a “Tiger Mom” is actually good for your teen.


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