The Most Inspirational Person in my Life

mothers and daughters, mom, mother, inspirational personAshley is a 16 year old from Torrance, CA with unique curly hair. She loves writing poetry, trying new experiences, eating spicy food, socializing, listening to music, and giving advice.

Each and every one of us has someone in our lives who inspires us. They give direction, have good advice, and inspire us to be just like them. The person in my life who fits this description is my genuine, humorous mother. My mother is my inspiration because:

1. She’s kind to everyone.
2. She’s generous.
3. She’s optimistic.
4. She always turns a negative situation around by being her goofy self.
5. She’s not afraid to show her goofy side in public (Although this seems embarrassing, it’s actually humorous and bold.)
6. She makes friends easily because of her friendly, charismatic personality.
7. She’s lenient, but not too lenient.
8. She takes care of her family before herself.
9. She tries her best to please everybody.
10. She’s fair.
11. She’s very open when it comes to mature subjects and doesn’t get embarrassed by it.
12. She does a lot for her family.
13. She’s not stingy like other parents.
14. She jokes on things stingy parents wouldn’t joke on.
15. She’s down to earth.
16. She accepts people for who they are.
17. She doesn’t favor one person over the other.
18. She works hard to support the family.
19. She’s affectionate.
20. She gives the best advice anyone could ask for.
21. She’s young at heart.
22. She’s fun.
23. She’s a good parent.
24. She doesn’t get in the way of my dreams.
25. She’s very supportive.
26. She’s easy to talk to.
27. She’s confident.
28. She’s caring.
29. She makes people feel better when they’re feeling down.
30. She’s not shy.
31. She’s not afraid to be herself and doesn’t care what people think.
32. She’s brave.
33. She’s honest.
34. She stands up for herself and her family.
35. She’s always there for me.
36. She’s happy ( which always shines through )

I am the hard working and friendly person I am today all because of how well my mother is currently raising me. I know my kids in the future will be the same hard working individual I am today once I raise them the way my mother is currently raising me. Although we have our moments, I still love her no matter what. She’ll always be that young hearted, caring individual I know and love. I can never imagine my life without my mother nor bear the thought of losing her in any way. I’m proud to say I’m lucky to have the best mother anyone could ask for.


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