YouTube Sensation: Shane Dawson

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Kaelyn is a 16 year old girl who is from Corona, CA. She enjoys playing soccer, socializing with friends, and writing for her high school newspaper, The Husky Express. Her favorite subjects are Language Arts and Journalism because she wants to be a journalist when she grows up.

When I think of Shane Dawson, I think of him as a regular guy who makes anyone, specifically teens, laugh or connect with him in a way to where fans can relate to what he is feeling. He posts new videos on his main channel, ShaneDawsonTV, every Saturday and video blogs on his second channel, ShaneDawsonTV2, throughout the week. On his main channel, he has a series called “Shane and Friends”, which he does once every month. This series includes him giving advice and talking as basically all his characters. Every video he makes can either make you laugh out loud, remember the time when you felt that way or make you think about a situation you have never been in. Shane Dawson appeals to so many people because he’s entertaining and makes fun of current topics, movies or music videos. In some videos he also likes to give advice to his fans about life or situations that he has learned from in his own life. For example, as a child he went through some hardships like being over-weight and being beaten by his alcoholic father who later abandoned his family. His main advice to his fans are to be themselves and dont let anyone bring you down. Many people who have seen his channel, either say he’s amazing and is hilarious or some think that he should be flagged for violation of the site’s standards.

Personally, I like him because the humor I like can be immature or can reach a subject in my life where a comical person like Shane Dawson can turn it into the funniest thing ever. Something that I cherish about him too is that he is so open and honest with his fans about everything. He also impersonates celebrities, which I find entertaining, like Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton. He also has his own characters that he has created and impersonates from time to time. In his personal life, he has never had sex or drank any alcohol but he always seems to talk about it in his videos like he has done it before. To me, he’s like an innocent guy with a bad mouth but he always seems to put a smile on anyone’s face regardless on how they’re feeling that day. In a way, Shane connects with me and knows how I feel because sometimes I can feel like an outcast and not myself. But I know that when I turn to YouTube and go to his channel, he’s there in my computer screen smiling. I am glad to be a fan of Shane Dawson.

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