Fakebooking: Facebook Made Fiction

facebook, fake profiles, online profiles, online personaShannon is an 18 year old from Wichita, KS. She enjoys poetry, airbrushing, drawing, and reading. She believes that language as well as art is one of the most colorful ways to express the self. It is painting the world with words.

I see people befriending fake Facebook accounts quite often. Some people add just to increase their number of friends, some actually talk to them, and others actually fall in love with them. There is even a documentary about this subject called Catfish that was made in 2008. A New York photographer travels to Michigan to meet the girl of his dreams even though he has only met her online. He discovers that the web isn’t always truthful and many things aren’t what they appear to be.


Spotting fakes aren’t always easy. But here are some give away signs that many people don’t always recognize:

New Accounts

  • New accounts aren’t always fake.
  • If mixed with other signals, it will help you find one.

A Really Attractive Profile Picture

  • If the picture is on Google, it’s probably a fake account.
  • They probably have chosen this alluring profile picture to get more attention.
  • They are most likely insecure about themselves.

Adding with Spam

  • An imposter profile needs a lot of friends.
  • If they have a ton of mutual friends, they are probably spam-adding.
  • Even some accounts with a small number of friends could have potential spam-adders.
  • Try talking to any mutual friends that you know pretty well to see if they know this person personally.

Blank Wall

  • If no one knows them, there would be fewer posts from their “friends.”
  • Scroll down their page and see for yourself.

The Wall of One

  • If only one person seems to be an active poster on their wall, then that one person may have been created by the potential fake.
  • Sometimes this isn’t always the case.

Adding Across the Globe

  • The fake may add from other places across the world.
  • If they have no friends where they are from, it’s suspicious.

Fake Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Spouse

  • If one or the other account’s profile is filled with blanks, they are most likely both fakes.

Albums of Self

  • Fakers usually have one album or one picture.
  • It is rare for a fake to find pictures of variety.
  • Most of the time the pictures are Googled.


  • No real friends.
  • No one to tag or be tagged by.

Interested/Looking for All

  • They are usually interested in both men and women.

Public Profiles

  • They have no need for privacy if they don’t really exist.

Cool Sexy First Name/Plain Last Name

  • This is usually the layout for fake names.
  • It grabs their attention.

I’m sure that there are several ways to spot a fake account even though I have only listed a few. Sometimes even an account with some or most of these clues can be real. You shouldn’t go around accusing people of being fictional. Just use these helpful hints as guidelines. Let’s make Facebook a safebook by avoiding fakebooks. Don’t add the people that you don’t know and adjust your privacy settings.

Photo: Birgerking from Flickr


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