Brain Cancer: Handsets to Headsets

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The IARC Study

Teens love their mobile phones and use them frequently with little cause of concern, however the occasional headlines about the link between brain cancer and the use of mobile phones has caused some confusion. The topic has been hotly debated among scientists for some years now; hopefully the latest study from The International Agency for Research on Cancer [May 31st 2011] will shed light on this issue.

In a meeting attended by 31 scientists from across 14 countries, scientists evaluated the available data on studies of cancer in both humans and animals, exposure and other relevant data to establish any relationships.

It was concluded from the available evidence that there could very well be a possible link and for mobile phone radiation to be classed as 2B (possibly carcinogenic to humans).

The group also concluded that it is necessary to keep a close eye on these links and further vigorous studies are required.

Others studies have shown that the link is significant over a period of 10 years of use.

Reducing These Risks:

These concerns are due to the transmittance of radiation from mobile phones. The transmitter is located inside the phone and as a result exposure is increased as the phone is against the head when in use.

Young children and teens are most at risk due to their thinner skulls. These risks can be considerably reduced through the use of headsets, to avoid close proximity to the radiation. Teens can be stubborn when it comes to adopting new habits so here are 3 reasons to offer up to your teen to persuade them to swap handset for headset.


3 Reasons Teens will LOVE Headsets:

  1. Comfortable

Headsets can be uncomfortable and a nuisance, often falling out at the wrong times and even painful. Buy your teen canal phones, they fit into the ear canal and the ear pads preventing them from falling out and are rated to be very comfortable. These qualities also make them useful when moving around, i.e. when exercising or running.

  1. Classy

Teens want to look good at all costs, so it’s a good thing that these headsets come in all sorts of colours, styles and with different features. They can choose from their favourite brands i.e. iPod, JVC Gumy [pictured]; Skullcandy, etc. and colours (electric blue, sugar pink, neon and so on) that suits their style and their personality.

As for prices, Amazon prices can range from under $10 to over $100 so be sure to sit with your teen and have a good browse around.

  1. Hands-free

As you are probably aware, teens are arduous multitaskers, tweeting, facebooking, listening to music, all while having a phone pressed against their ear. A major benefit of headsets (other than reducing the risk of cancer of course) is that they are hands free! Which means you can comfortably eat, write, browse while on the phone, with the privacy that loud speaker does not allow and listen to music without annoying others.

It is also a useful habit to get into for when teens get behind the wheel. Another advantage of hands-free is that you can place your phone in very precarious position in order to get a signal where it is low, without having to stick your head out of the window!

Back pain and tired arms are also associated with supporting a phone on your shoulder which will be eliminated by the use of headsets.


3 Do not’s:

  1. Don’t patronize- let them choose what’s right for them.


  1. A trial period will probably go down better with teens, allowing them to make their own mind up about whether they prefer headsets or not. And with all the reasons above, they may certainly choose to use them.


  1. And do not make it into a rule! Don’t keep reminding them to use their headsets at all times, or scolding them when they forget. This will really take the fun and the ‘personal’ out of headsets and teens will view them as something they are obliged to use and this is the biggest turn off.


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