7/1/11: Articles for Parents this Week


Hello Readers,One of our teens has an article up right now on Dena Dyer’s website:

5 Things Parents Do That Drive Teens Crazy

Top Articles:

Why We Must Teach Social Skills in School
This article is a call to all of us to begin to think about how social illiteracy is effecting the next generation and how we can counteract the negative effects and build the positive ones.

The Future of Play
Vanessa talks about the decline of play in our kids’ lives and what she hopes for future of play.

Articles from Guests:

Amy McCready of Positive Parenting Solutions breaks down the two main ways we communicate with our teens, and which is the most effective.

Articles from Teens:

YouTube Sensation: Shane Dawson
A popular online comedian and performer is a hit with teens.

Unemployment: How it Affects Teens
Sadly, the current dire economic state of our country doesn’t just affect those who are unemployed, but also their children.

The Most Inspirational Person in my Life
36 ways one mom is the best mom to her teenage daughter.

10 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Great Time!
Cheap and fun ways to hang out with your friends this summer.

The Teacher That Saved Me
A touching, personal story about a teacher that cared more about just a student’s grades.

High School Stress: Tips to Deal With Everyday Stressors
Summer break is the perfect time to prepare for school and be ready to tackle stresses like exams, sports, relationships, friendships, family, work and more.

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