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Teen fashion, teen trends, teen clothing trends, what to wearAshlynn is a 15 year-old from Washington, she enjoys babysitting, writing, and her favorite subject is science because she wants to be a forensic anthropologist.

I often go out and notice a lot of parents matching their children, whether it is their hair, their clothes, or even (depending on the age) their makeup! Celebrities such as Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri, who share the same adorable bob cut, and Angelina Jolie who dresses Shiloh to be the cutest mommy look-alike, or even David Beckham and nine-year old son Brooklyn Joseph who sported the same jerseys at a Lakers game and looked charming! The parent/child look-alike trend is growing more popular every day. Although parents and adults play a major part in the fashion world, teens are considered to be the most important nowadays, with their spunky, playful looks that everyone loves.


For many adults right now, the top trends include the plain Jane, casual look. Because most adults have past their experimental stage, they prefer to go for looks that are more laid back and simple. Tucked-in blouses and high-waisted pants are popular if you are going for that daring appearance. Light, bright summer dresses are becoming the rage for summer, and fur coats with matching boots are great at keeping you looking fashionable and feeling warm and cozy all at one time. Accessories are a must when trying to pull off a classy look and it’s true what they say: the bigger the better! Immense gem and rhinestone necklaces go great with a light summer dress, or a sheer blouse. Gigantic bows are becoming popular on coats, shoes, and even headbands! These large accessories keep you looking sophisticated and feminine. Not only what you are wearing is important, but where you get the clothing is imperative as well. Hollister is becoming a favorite for everyone; famous footwear has great deals on shoes this summer, and Vera Bradley is becoming popular for everything, but known for its great duffel bags. Despite many trends being for women, men are now playing a bigger role in the fashion world with their admired slip-on shoes, gold watches, and their argyle sweaters. Men like to accessorize too, and they usually like to follow the classy, good boy style with their Thom Browne eyewear, and their Aéropostale jeans and tight Tee. Mommy trends are becoming trendy as well (who says just because you are pregnant you can’t look great?). During pregnancy women like wearing what is cute and comfortable. Yoga pants are popular, as well as skinny jeans and a long sleeved maternity blouse. After the kiddo is born, the trends for mommies are adorable, sparkling yoga pants from places such as Victoria’s Secret, or leggings, boots, and a long top.


Teens are the gods and goddesses of creative fashion. We like bright color, funky printing, odd shapes, as well as inspiration. We often look at celebrities and try to imitate their latest hairstyle or most recent makeup look. We see our peers at school, and other hot teens on the streets and we try to decode their fashion statement and remember where we last saw an outfit like that. Also, us teens like to look in the latest magazines such as Teen Vogue and Seventeen, to find the latest trends.  Being the year 2011, all the rage right now is: leggings with dresses or flannels. Leggings are a popular choice because they show of you amazing body, and they are comfortable, but most importantly they go with anything, whether it is a skirt, dress, just a checkered sweater, or even under pants just to keep you warm! Patterns are becoming admired by many with looks such as leopard, zebra and even floral on skinny jeans. Sequined dresses are a must have, many celebs are wearing them on the red carpet to add a little extra Bling to their wardrobes. Blanket coats, and knit sweaters are great trends in the winter, and jean and floral dresses are hot in the summer. Not only are patterns and styles the growing trends, but colors are becoming more popular as well. Specific trends are only set in colors such as red, and pink, but Black and white is becoming the most favored by all. Clothes are not all that’s in right now; big hair and bright makeup are becoming the trends of today, whether it is bright pink lips with green eye shadow, or the dark nails that celebrity lily Allen would pull off, the trends of today may or may not be the trends of tomorrow.


Everyday a new style is being invented somewhere. Despite fashion trends being the most popular type of trend, there are lots of patterns and trends with things such as behavior, actions, and even networking trends. It is good to follow trends to be caught up in the world with all the latest fashions, moods, and places to shop, but it is important also to start your own trend. Don’t be a follower, but instead be a leader because what is “all the rage” today may not be tomorrow, but you may be able to start something that will be favored forever. And remember to “Be yourself…everyone else is already taken.”-Oscar Wilde



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