Why Your Parents Hate You

teen parent communication, parents of teens, rebellious teens, teensEditors Note: Hannah Faye is a teen who contacted us once she published this book. She kindly requested a guest post about her book and since it is very relevant to teens and parents we agreed to post the article below.


I know what the title implies, however it might surprise you to know how much they actually love you. When you read the title above, depending on your relationship with your parents there may have been a small celebration inside you because for the first time someone was telling you what you’d suspected all along. However, have you ever considered that it might actually be you hating them? Perhaps, you hate them because they don’t listen to you. Maybe you hate them because they won’t let you go here or go there or be with this person or be with that person. It could be because you feel they just do not give you enough choices or because they constantly demand, demand, demand from you and you feel frustrated not knowing why.
I have written many titles, but my most recent publication is Why Your Parents Hate You: Speshally 4 U Teens. It offers updated advice to teens about making it through their teenage years. Whether you are a lost teenager seeking to be found, a parent at their wits’ end, a psychologist doing research, or just a person interested in the latest advice being given to an age group which continues to baffle us all, you will find this book most interesting. I don’t claim to be a doctor or to have any other medical training, but I’m telling you like it is. What I say here you aren’t going to find in any other books, so brace yourself for the truth.
Amongst the many points I make in this book is the fact that as a teen, you must first understand you are becoming an adult. You are no longer a child like everyone says you are, and therefore your desires and needs are changing. For the first time you desire privacy and independency. Your natural curiosity has developed in such a way that you must be given the freedom to explore or else you will find a way to do it anyway. It is only a natural desire as you are trying to make sense of your world. The problem with this is that your brain has not fully developed. It hasn’t fully developed and won’t be until you are near 30 years old! So you are like a car on the road to adulthood with undeveloped parts. This is a huge part of the reason why you feel like your parents hate you. You feel like you are right, but they tell you, you’re wrong. You are constantly in debate with them. You want to go places and they won’t let you. You want to talk to certain people and develop relationships and they say no. They haven’t fully embraced that you are now at an age where you can challenge them and their ideas.
Here’s something parents should keep in mind: if you are not careful your protection or over-protection may stunt your child’s overall growth and put them on a road to leading a dependent life. You could be setting them up to struggle with low-self-esteem and a lack of motivation. I explore this topic and many others, giving advice to teens on school and handling peer pressure, scoring a first job and even SEX, in my book Why Your Parents Hate You: Speshally 4 U Teens.
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This guest post is by Hannah Faye who has published several titles, including “A Rapper’s College” and the abhorred by teachers everywhere: “Thirteen Years Old in the Fourth Grade.” You can find all her titles on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

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