Being a Hindustani (Indian) Teen

Vatsala is a 15-year-old from Amritsar, India. She enjoys listening to music, reading books, writing. Doodling and her favorite subject is English and Math because she wants to be an Actuary.

India is a young, southeast country in Asia, which just took a rebirth on 15th of August, 1947, after living under the torturous reign of the British. They made the life of the citizens of India a living hell and made the society male dominated. Even though society in India has changed tremendously throughout the years, there are still people who have the same thinking as before.


India is known for its worldwide customs, fairs and festivals! It might be hard to believe, but India has more festivals than the total number of days in a year. There are so many festivals because India is diversified with over 20 languages and many religions. Because of so many wonderful festivals, life in India can also be so much fun! Every month it’s either time to play with water balloons and colors, or time to burn crackers and send everybody gifts! Life here can never be boring. Even if seems boring at some point, we always have the satisfaction of knowing that there is some celebration happening around the corner.


As in every other country, weddings take place in India. But in every corner it takes place with different rituals. Where Hindus do it in a temple, you will see a Sikh doing it in a Guruduwara. Where a Muslim is doing it in a Masjid and a Christian in a Church! Despite the many different religions, people in India live in harmony. But these diversifications have their pros and cons. As every religion has its own beliefs, every person in society has his or her own perspective, too. Even though a woman is legally given equal opportunity as men, in the minds of people, women are meant to be in the kitchen and serve their husbands after marriage and they are expected to raise children. Western culture is surely influencing the people of India, but it’s not easy to change the perspective of the staunch believers.


The people here in India are polite and are so helpful that even if you don’t know them, they will be ready to help you! The best part is that here there are joint families where grandparents and their children and their children, all live together! The concept of nuclear families is also prevalent, but I find joint families more fun.


As far as teens are concerned, they are basically the same everywhere: moody, cranky and stubborn. Life in India can be tricky for teenagers. I knew a teen who was an awesome volleyball player, but then her parents restricted her from playing the sport and deliberately made her join singing even when she didn’t like it. The major difference that I find between the teenagers in India and America is that the teens in India are more focused on their studies, where as the teens in America give equal importance to extra-curricular activities. Sure teens in India take part in activities, too, but their number one priority is always their studies. However, that said, there are some teens who might not be that career –oriented. A High School teen working part time for money is not a common scene in India, but you will find many of them working, waiting tables and serving coffee in America.


But the worst part in some corners of India is expecting a girl to get married by the time she turns 21. I think that it is way too soon. Parents can be very possessive of their teens in India where they put unnecessary restrictions on them, like having only one outing a week, or prohibiting girls from hanging out with boys. Some parents can be very fickle-minded, but some can be open to all kinds of things. Indian teens might not be as egotistical as the ones in America, but then I am just saying this after watching way too many American Shows. Parents in India just want their children to be more successful than their friends’ and relatives’ children! You will find many teens being scolded by their parents because they got a slightly less test score than her friend.


Every country has its own perks and its own disadvantages, but surely one’s country is one’s own and I will definitely say that India is a country one should surely visit once in their lifetime!


This is a link to video which throws light on the Indian Parents and I think it could be an eye opener for many. I don’t know if somebody owns it or not.

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