The Cure to Teen Stress: Live More Simply

Pegah is a 17 year old girl from Maryland. She plays the piano, guitar and ukulele. She is a dancer, and can speak two languages, English and Farsi.

As a rising senior in highschool, I know exactly what stress is. That’s why the best piece of advice I ever received was from my grandmother, and it was: to live more simply. I mulled over this concept, and thought, “What does that even mean? To live more simply? Is that even grammatically correct?” But I took it to heart. And now I’d like to share it with you.


All throughout my life, I’ve taken. Everything I’ve ever wanted was handed to me on a silver platter. But honestly, what does it all amount to? The technology and resources I take advantage of only blind me and distract me from simplicity. Simplicity is less technology, less worries, less waste. I want to be less gluttonous. When I thought about it, why does my cell phone play such an integral part of my existence? Why do I analyze my boyfriends one word response, cry over an assumed conclusion I’ve jumped to, a conclusion that was never the case? Why do I waste my hard earned money on clothes, why do I eat when I’m bored? Why am I using up the world’s resources? It no longer made sense to myself. I’m harming my world, my family, and myself. With every part of life, it’s important to cut back.


Facebook is a way to connect with those I don’t see, not a way to connect with those I could walk five minutes and see, face to face. Always a cell phone in my hand, always a radio on when I could pick up my guitar and sing a song myself. I resolved to disconnect my heart from all this technology surrounding me; cold machines shouldn’t be held so close to a warm heart.


Another complex part of life is worries. As teenagers, we all excessively distress ourselves, jumping to conclusions and stressing over those scenarios. We assume the worst conclusions because we cannot bear disappointment. But if there is something wrong we cannot do anything about, then why stress? If there is something wrong in which we can do something about, then again, why should we stress?


The most important way we have over complicated things is by the pollution of the planet. In order to live more simply, we must not cloud ourselves with resources we don’t need. We need to care for others, and invest time and effort into making the lives of the impoverished, better.

When you get to the core of life, it’s really simple: don’t overstress, don’t overthink, and don’t overuse. I think that’s the message my grandmother wanted me, and everyone, to understand.

Photo: Samael Kreutz from Flickr

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