3 Most Common Questions Parents Have

teen parent communication, teens, parent questions, Recently we did an interview with Vicki Hoefle as part of the Parenting On Track™ Home Program. I did the interview with 2 of our fabulous interns, Sydney 15, and Emily 13. In this interview we answered the 3 most common questions parents have for us.

Listen to the full recording here: Interview with Radical Parenting Teens and Vanessa Van Petten

Here are some of the highlights:
1) What do teens wish their parents knew but are too afraid to tell them?

  • Don’t take the complaining or disagreeing of teens personally. It’s usually just a way for them to vent and they rarely mean anything hurtful.
  • Kids do listen to their parents – it just isn’t cool to look too interested or admit it.
  • A good relationship with their parents is as important to teens as it is to their moms and dads.


2) What fractures the parent/teen relationship?


  • Treating teens like they are still babies.
  • Imposing the same rules you established in elementary school on a 15 year old.
  • Embarrassing them repeatedly and then not owning up to it or apologizing for doing it.


**I recommend re-evaluating agreements with your kids on a regular basis. Kids and technology changes so quickly that doing a check in every 6 months or so makes sure kids feel heard and rules are current.
3) What’s it like growing up in the 21st Century?


  • It’s tougher than parents think.
  • Technology plays a huge role and kids have to learn to navigate an ever changing landscape.
  • Unrealistic expectations from parents, teachers, friends, and coaches add more pressure to an already tough stage of life.



Listen to the full recording here: Interview with Radical Parenting Teens and Vanessa Van Petten







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  1. Dave Armstrong
    July 11, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    Hats off to you Vanessa and your two interns for a really good interview and a heads up on parenting from a teens point of view. I have two sons (14 and 11),and it is a progression of stages where parents and teens influence each other as they grow older and develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thanks to you an your team for the “reality checks”..


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