7/8/11: Articles for Parents This Week

articles for parents, guest posts, advice, teen articlesHello Readers,Hope you had a great 4th of July!

Top Articles:

Public Journaling: Why Teens Love to Share All
Four currently popular sites where teens share their lives online.

Articles from Guests:

Parents: Let the Leash Out But Never Let Go!
Matthew Kuehlhorn of RulesoftheRoadforTeens.com believes there is a fine balance between allowing your teens independence, and knowing when to step in as a parent.

Why Your Parents Hate You
Teen author breaks down why so many teens think their parents hate them.

Articles from Teens:

A Life Without “Daddy”
A personal account of what it’s like to grow up without a father.

4 Ways to Encourage Friendship Between Your Kids
A guide for parents to develop love and camaraderie between their children.

Brotherly Love: Steps to Solving Sibling Rivalry
Another take on encouraging close relationships between siblings.

Dissecting the Perfect Biology Teacher: The 4 Qualities That Made Her So Great
Surprisingly enough, the perfect teacher for a teen is not someone who will give them a high grade for little effort.

Fashion for the Ages
The art of dressing age appropriate and yet keeping up with the trends.

3 Things You Should Know About Teenagers
Having been a teen once long ago does not make you an expert on teens today.

Summer Jobs: Getting Them and Their Importance
Three reasons why teens can benefit from a summer job.

Brain Cancer: Handsets to Headsets
A teen response to the recent study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer about the connection between cell phone use and brain cancer.

A New Take On Bullying
The other side of bullying- is your teen a bully and/or can you stop him or her from becoming one?

The Advantages of Having Looser Internet Restrictions on Your Children
Advantages for both parents and teens of lessening internet restrictions on your children.

Fakebooking: Facebook Made Fiction
What is a Fakebook and how to spot them as they grow more and more online.
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