How Can We Teach Our Kids To Be Successful

happiness, key to success, successful teens, happy teens, life lessonsThis guest post is by: Keith Feeley, If you want to discover more on how you can help everyone, especially your children, learn to succeed go to

What is success and how can it be achieved?

This question has been central to me for as long as I can recall. I was very aware that I had been very lucky to have  reached that level of success from my background to become P.E. and Science teacher almost 40 years ago and so my research into ‘success’ intensified. Last year I was finally able to collect my pension and following some Government (UK) support I was able to share this via my to ‘Help Everyone Learn To Succeed’.

“Successful people have learnt the 8 skills needed to identify and overcome the difficulties they meet and achieve happiness” – this is the outcome from extensive research throughout the world over the last 60 years, in areas as widespread as sport, music, books, film, science and business. Previously, only academics or perhaps well-read executives have been aware of much of this evidence, but I’ve tried to use expertise and experience to finally make  it is available to  ‘help everyone learn to succeed’. Probably the initial investigations into success was by philosophers such as this famous chinese proverb:-

Give a man a fish he has food for a day,

Teach a man to fish he has food for life,

Teach a man how to learn to effectively and he has success for life.”

The last line is an addition from me to reflect my ‘Feelosophy’ in teaching and parenting. Science is systematic careful study in order to understand and Success Feelosophy combines philosophy and scientific research to explain success and the factors needed to achieve it. When we are born , we are helpless and rely on others to survive, but we have the potential to learn, and what we learn determines our chances of identifying and overcoming the various difficulties we meet in life. Applying the ‘Science of Learning’, what, why and how we learn, it becomes clear that only people who have learnt 8 key skills manage overcome these difficulties to achieve happiness. Skills can be simply explained as any action or activity that can be learnt and the 8 skills we need to succeed and achieve happiness are:-

1. Effective Learning Skills – to cope with the continually changing situations and difficulties in the 21st century.
2. Communication skills – concentration, verbal skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), non-verbal skills (visual gestures, body language, touch)
3. Cognitive (thinking) skills – analytical and conceptual thinking
4. Self-awareness
5. Managing Feelings
6. Motivation
7. Empathy
8. Social skills

For the last 10 years I have been a Learning Consultant providing presentations and workshops for parents, carers, teachers, youth, social and health workers etc. understand that if children, adults and society is to be really improved, then developing these 8 skills should become our main priority. This link will provide a very popular parents evening presentation ‘Helping Our Children Learn To Succeed’ and having been a teacher for 30 years I have also been able to provide a very effective approach to exam success entitled ‘S.U.P.E.R.learning For Success’ which I’ve been able to present on over 50 occasions.

Almost 2 years ago I finally managed to get my extremely unusual book published –  “A WONDERFUL LIFE?” – This 21st century ‘Christmas Carol’, with a typical 19 year old girl, instead of Scrooge, provides a clear understanding of why so many people are struggling to succeed as an easy-to read novel. As well as being an enjoyable read, this book aims to help all adults understand why so many people struggle to cope with life and show them how they and their children can learn to succeed and achieve happiness.  I wanted to create an enjoyable reference book to help people really understand and overcome concerns such as Stress, Depression, Poor mental health, Low self esteem, Self harm, Suicide, Substance misuse, Binge drinking, Chaotic Lifestyles, Employability etc. to succeed and improve their well being.


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