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When it comes to sensitive topics such as homosexuality, teenage pregnancy, adolescent sexual relations and abortions, parents sometimes take the little-to-no discussion approach with their teenagers. That approach is detrimental to the growth of a teenager, as well as the relationship and bond between the parent and child. Although certain subjects are hard to cover, it’s better to at least have an open discussion about them rather than leaving them untouched.
There is one major topic that, no matter the era, parents are always taken aback on how to approach their teen regarding the topic. That topic is the one and only sex. We all know what sex is and know that it’s a part of life, but why do parents always get skeptical when it comes to talking about sex? Well, it may be that sometimes it’s hard for a parent to put themselves in their teenagers’ shoes and think about their own child having sex. But, in fact, it’s better to inform your child about the negative aspects about sex, such as STD’s and teenage pregnancy, so they can protect themselves from the real world. When bringing up such a topic with a teenager one should never be reluctant and reserved. Always have an open mind going into the discussion and be an active listener because you may learn something you’ve never known about your child. It’s quite fine for the discussion to be a little awkward at the start, but as dialogue grows it should become something of a second nature. Even though you are a parent, act as a best friend when it comes to such a racy subject as sex. Teenagers need guidance and structure, but they also need support and a shoulder to lean on.
Growing in debate and taking the forefront in society’s limelight is the subject of homosexuality. Whether or not parents open their eyes to recognize that homosexuality is becoming more and more open brings about whether or not they will have a discussion of homosexuality with their teens. Lets face it, we can put a cloud on the topic and act like it’s not something that’s very prevalent in our society but in fact it is. Therefore it needs to be discussed in homes across America. As a parent it is your responsibility to fully understand your child. That understanding includes their take on their sexual orientation. With that being said it is also your duty as a superb parent to be open minded and understanding despite your teenagers’ sexual orientation. A person’s sexual orientation does not change who they are as a person, therefore it shouldn’t change how you view them. I understand that many parents have a sense of it’s better not to know than to know for sure, but in fact that isn’t the right mindset to have when it comes to your child. As stated before with the subject of sex, always go into a discussion with your teen with an open mind and active listening. It will only make your relationship with your teen blossom to higher feats than it has before.
We all have topics we would rather not discuss with our loved ones, especially when it is a parent regarding sketchy subjects with a teen. But in life it’s better to let everything out in the open to build a strong relationship with someone then to never try at all. No matter if you’re a reserved, conservative or a liberal parent, the key rule to having discussions with your teen on any sensitive issues is to be open minded. As a parent, you wouldn’t want your child to tune you out or disregard your opinions, so don’t do the same to your child.
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