Teen Summer Texting Trends: More or Less?

texting, text messages, cell phones, summer vacationWhat do you think: Do teens text more or less in the summer than the school year? Let’s look at the stats below. A recent survey from textPlus of more than 900 users aged 13-17 found that:

·         53% of teens text more than 51 times a day with their friends over the summer

·         70% keep in touch with friends over the summer via texting

·         55% text more frequently with their friends over the summer than during the school year

·         72% text more frequently with their parents during the school year

·         58% say they text most frequently in the evening and late night

·         88% take their texting devices everywhere they go, including summer camp, vacation and even to their summer jobs


More than 75% of teens own a cell phone, and many use iPod touches– evidence that texting is more popular than ever. In fact, a recent Nielsen study puts the average number of texts a teen sends every month at a whopping 3,000 messages.

Tips for Hypertexting Teens:

I think it is really important to get teens offline in the summer months. Here are some ways parents can help their teens:

1. Have no electronic zones in the home. Make the kitchen table and/or dining room a text free zone so meals are electronic free.

2. Have no electronic times. Encourage your kids to have their friends come over and hang out in person. Make a block of time (a few hours or a few days) electronic free where kids can do anything they want–but without technology. Kids often have to get creative to think of other things to do and it is a great break from screens.

We got this cool info from textPlus: They are a mobile social messaging app that gives users a free phone number for fast, free and unlimited texting. Users can group text with friends. textPlus can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store here, from the Android Market here and Amazon Appstore here.

Image: Jeffrey Pott from Flickr

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