The Perks of Listening to your Parents

Elyse is a 17 year old pun connoisseur who resides in the “Lone Star State.” She enjoys collaging fashion boards, studying the works of Steinbeck, and designing jewelry.


            “What does this family stand for? Working hard through a spirit of excellence and never, ever, quitting.” My parents have instilled numerous qualities into my life, some I disregarded at the time, and others that were pleasantly welcomed. Whether I took the initiative, or momentarily strayed from their guidance, their pillars of wisdom always managed to keep my foundation strong, and motives in secure alignment at all costs. For that, and for their patience, I am forever thankful.

Life becomes easier knowing that my parents expect the best out of me. Knowing that I have standards to live up to, and expectations to fulfill keeps me grounded and focused. Quitting is an easy way out, but nothing rewarding comes without struggle- and if that theory fails to be true, I have yet to receive the memo. To say that I’ve breezed through my teenage years would be a lie entirely, but somewhere along the way, my parents’ constant reminders about who I was, and whom I belonged to, kept me ready to conquer the challenges that life presented. I can recall times when I thought the end of the world was nearing due to a poor physics grade. Fellow teens, do not be duped, physics class will not kill you, and don’t worry about the world ending today, it’s already tomorrow in Australia. I know exactly what it’s like to feel confused about your future, your parent’s advice, and your academic standing, but if you trust what your parents tell you, everything will be all right.

There have been times when I thought my parents would eat me alive if I disobeyed them. Years later, and I still haven’t been devoured. Contrary to popular belief, teens, your parents aren’t literally out to get you. Most teenage crisis tend to have a larger effect in the heat of the moment, but wade it out, you’ll find that demolishing your problems is one calm thought away. I have found strength within myself that I doubted I’d ever find, and I have found beauty in things that I thought could only contain ugliness, like geometry proofs and lambda equations. So teens, go out and find your inner super hero. Be your own Batman and Wonder Woman, and fear not, if you find yourself getting lost along the way, just ask your parents. They will know exactly where your special super star quality lives, I promise.



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